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5 Best Arizona Summer Camps 2022

Planning retreats and choosing camps for children is a challenging task. Depending on where you live, there might be a considerable amount to choose from in your local area or state. So how do you choose one or figure out which one is the best? You can figure that out with this guide.

The following five summer camps are some of the best options in the state of Arizona. Camps provide a safe space for children to pursue new interests, learn valuable skills, and enjoy a few weeks away from home.

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Top 5 Arizona Summer Camps

Rancho Summer Camps

If you’re looking for a camp that provides an authentic and traditional camp experience, then Rancho Summer Camps should be one of your choices. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the camp offers creative art, technology-based, and science programs for kids.

Each week, there is a new theme to give every child an opportunity to go through various experiences and find the ones they like the most. They continuously work to improve a child’s mental, spiritual, and physical health.

The camp accepts girls and boys between the ages of 3 to 12 years old. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, Rancho Summer Camps are genuinely an adventure wonderland for kids.

Camp Colley

Camp Colley is the perfect place for children who love nature and want to receive an outdoor education. Camp Colley is a small nature-based center where thousands of campers attend to learn about the environment and develop important life skills.

The camp is surrounded by the beautiful and luxurious Coconino National Forest and is approximately 50 miles away from Payson. The 30-acre land includes a cabin, bathhouse, dining hall, which is also used as a recreation room, and other large platform tents. 

The camp is surrounded by the Ponderosa Pines, so the remote campground location is a perfect spot for picnics, outdoor cooking, and a good old-fashioned camp bonfire. The site provides an excellent opportunity for the youth to learn the importance of nature and how we can help conserve it.

Apart from experiential learning opportunities, the camp ensures each child has the time of their lives. There are many team-building activities, low-rope challenges, nature hikes (don't forget hiking shoes), and stargazing opportunities to keep things interesting. It’s suitable for campers 8 to 14 years old.

Camp Geronimo

Situated at the base of Mogollon Rim north of Payson, Camp Geronimo is a traditional scout residential camp. It’s been providing quality summer camp programs to young children and teenagers for almost 60 years.

It’s spread over 200 acres of a beautiful landscape consisting of meadows and forest. The camp is surrounded by the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine Forest. Due to the proximity, your child will get a taste of everything nature has to offer.

The camp offers four different types of programs, each of which provides age-appropriate adventures that allow a child to improve their physical and mental strength. Some exciting activities include caving, mountain biking, rock climbing at Blue Ridge Reservoir, canyoneering, and much more.

Each program lasts for an entire week, so your child can have an enjoyable scouting and camping experience. The camp aims to teach basic to advanced outdoor skills as well as provide your child with a memorable experience.

Prescott Pines Christian Camp

Spread over 85-acres of gorgeous green land, Prescott Pines Christian Camp is a place where kids learn about inclusion, religion, and spirituality. The camp helps people explore religion and express their ideas in an encouraging and safe environment.

The outdoor education program specifically targets children who are in 5th and 6th grade. The outdoor trip includes interactive educational sessions covering various pursuits like trebuchet toss, forensic, archery, and more.

During the evenings, the students engage in various thrilling activities. This allows campers to develop healthy relationships with others and learn personal developmental skills.

Since the camp is located in the north valley of Ponderosa Pine Forest, it’s the perfect getaway for a memorable summer. 

United Christian Youth Camp (UCYC)

UCYC is a Christian camp and a conference center located in Prescott. It offers the best games, adventurous recreational activities, delicious food, comfortable cabins, and expansive grounds to meet and interact with others.

They have well-thought-out summer and winter programs for students in 4th till 12th grade. All of the programs include three main elements: outdoor adventures, communal activities, and religious studies.

The summer camps are divided among different age groups so that each child gets a chance to fully enjoy the summer retreat.

Though a core focus is on providing quality education to children about religion, the camp does have an array of entertaining ventures to make the summer enjoyable. Some of their ventures are ziplining, rock climbing, paintball, and swimming. So, not only will your child have the time of their lives, but they can also grow closer to their faith.