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Best Summer Camps In Omaha 2024

omaha summer camps

If you’re looking for a family-friendly city, you can’t do better than Omaha. This compact city in Nebraska is known for the famous Henry Dorly Zoo and Aquarium, Old Market District, and the Omaha Children’s Museum. 

Omaha’s family friendly nature makes it one of the best places for kids to spend their summers. Luckily, there are many Omaha summer camps for kids to enjoy their school break and remain productive and learning. 

Best Omaha Summer Camps

Camp Kindness

Camp Kindness is an initiative of the Nebraska Humane Center. The camp targets kids interested in animals and provides a hands-on learning experience for campers.

Through eight weeks between June and July, various campers get to play with shelter animals and learn more about these creatures. This is a good way to instill positive values in your kids, such as compassion, kindness, and empathy. 

Camp Kindness is divided into two sections: Junior Camps and Senior Camp. Junior campers fall between 6-10 and start their daily activities in the morning. Senior campers start their camps later in the afternoon, with ages hovering between 10 and 13 years old. 

Premier Gymnastics Summer Camp

Premier Sports summer camp wants to reinvent sports-based learning. The camp is less than a mile away from the I-680 Fort Street exit. 

Your child is expected to bring along basic supplies, including food, sunscreen, and more. However, the camp offers enough to keep them thrilled—sports, games, movies, and much more. 

The campers are paired with trained instructors who can teach the same basic principles of sports. Your child can build their skills and approach sporting activities confidently. 

Premier Gymnastics Summer Camp starts late May and ends early August. Parents can register for a full day, week, or summer. There’s also a Sibling Rate discount for families to save money on registration costs. 

Camp Co-Op

Every summer, Camp Co-Op opens its door to students entering grades 1-6, ready to provide a wonderful camp experience. The camp blends Montessori-style education with hands-on training for kids to learn better. 

No two weeks at Camp Co-Op are the same. Each week has a different theme and features a different activity for campers. 

There’s Art Week, where kids learn the importance of art and study how to make art themselves. Cooking Week is another weekly theme that encourages campers to develop their culinary skills and practice good nutritional habits. 

Your child will get a good dose of games, outdoor exploration, movie nights, crafts, and more at Camp Co-Op. Plus, they can get more personalized attention—thanks to a low camper-to-counselor ratio.

The camp operates for nine weeks, starting in June and ending in August. Register your kids in advance since admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Kroc Center Summer Camp

Founded by the Salvation Army, Kroc Center strives to provide a developmental experience for all children. Kroc Center encourages them to build social skills, take on new challenges, and learn new things through its summer camp.

Kroc Center Summer Camp has a fantastic collection of activities for campers. From archery to cooking and robotics, there’s an activity for everyone here.

Other notable activities include Lego Club and Kids Pottery. In both programs, your child can learn how to create amazing things with their hands and expand their creativity. 

Camp Legacy

Legacy Schools, one of Omaha’s premier educational institutions, organizes Camp Legacy every year for kids in the area. The camp aims to provide a memorable summer full of adventures for its campers.

Depending on your kid’s age, they can register for Lower Camp or Upper Camp. The former admits children in kindergarten, especially those between ages 4 and 5. The latter welcomes older kids 6 to 14. 

Your child must be a Legacy Schools student to enroll for Lower Camp. However, Upper Camp is open to all members of the public. Besides the minor difference, they both offer similar experiences for participants. 

At Lower Camp, kids witness the daily flag-raising ritual, play team-building games, and explore the camp’s natural surroundings. They’ll also enjoy special activities, including mock sport competitions, like tug-of-war contests and Minute-To-Win-It games. 

Upper Camp doesn’t disappoint, either. Your child can enjoy swimming, zip-lining, campfire cooking, and crafting with newfound friends. Camp Legacy programs run for ten weeks, opening in May and closing in August.