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Best Indianapolis Summer Camps In 2024

Best Indianapolis Summer Camps In 2023

Home of the world-famous Indy 500 event, Indianapolis is a popular tourist destination for many.

Beyond its racing heritage, this Midwest city offers a family-friendly and hospitable environment for everyone.

These same qualities make it an ideal place for your kids to spend the season at summer camps.

With day and overnight camps, Indy offers many fun educational opportunities. 

Best Indianapolis Summer Camps

1. Indianapolis Zoo Camps

The Indianapolis Zoo offers different summer programs for youngsters between 5 and 14. These programs provide a perfect opportunity for campers to see an exciting array of wildlife, play interactive games, and participate in educational presentations.

The camp sessions vary in length. Campers can sign up for one-day, three-day, and five-day camps. Each camp introduces kids to the Indianapolis Zoo, especially the work that goes into taking care of these magnificent animals.

With a 1:10 counselor-to-camper ratio, your child will receive personalized attention throughout their time at camp. Older groups have a higher ratio (1:12), although this won’t affect learning opportunities. 

This camp is perfect for children who hope to work with animals in the future. Programs like the Dolphin Explorer Camp expose kids to the basics of training and caring for these beautiful sea creatures. 

2. White Pine Wilderness Academy

The White Pine Wilderness Academy in Rocky Ripple, Indianapolis, is not your average summer camp. Here, campers are encouraged to adopt primitive lifestyles, connect with nature, and build critical survival skills. All these activities happen under the watchful eyes of supervisors trained to coordinate fun and safe exercises. 

The academy has three summer programs for various age ranges. Flying Squirrels (7-9) teaches young campers the art of surviving in the wild. Your child will learn how to track game, construct tents, identify edible plants, purify water, navigate forests, and make a fire. 

The Scouts program helps children ages 10 to 12 develop skills in specific areas depending on their interests. Activities include archery, medicine-making, self-defense training, and scouting. 

Each program runs for a week, but campers can register for the entire summer. White Pine Wilderness Academy only offers summer day camps, so you’ll need to pick up your children at the end of each day.

The camp provides a one-of-a-kind environment for visitors to experience nature and have fun. Your child will come back happier and more confident in their abilities to overcome challenges. 

3. GUCI Camp

GUCI Camp has been serving kids in the Midwest, USA, since 1958! This camp is where young and old come to experience Jewish culture and celebrate their heritage. 

Through insightful Jewish education sessions, your child can further understand and take pride in their ancestry. They’ll also instill Jewish values and create positive experiences with other campers. 

GUCI camp organizes a mixture of creative and fun activities for campers in the Indianapolis area. That includes arts & crafts, cookout sessions, digital photography, swimming, campouts, and fitness exercises. They combine fun physical activity with mental development to help boys and girls with their personal growth.

The average day at GUCI Camp involves attending roll call, eating healthy meals, participating in thrilling camp activities and sports, to spending time with their cabin friends. Each weekend the camp holds Shabbat — a time for campers to relax, interact, eat great food, and enjoy amazing music. 

4. Camp Indy

Camp Indy is a Christian camp that helps kids grow their faith while enjoying a fun-filled summer. Their summer day camps and overnight camps are a great way for your child to enjoy the summer and improve their spiritual life. 

There are junior camps for kids ages 4-15 and specialty camps for those between 7 and 12. These specialty camps are designed to train kids in different areas. 

For example, the HLS camp introduces kids to fishing and covers basics such as baiting, fishing, and maintenance of fishing equipment. The Ninja Camp is styled after the hit TV series and helps campers improve their fitness, agility, and survival skills. 

Campers ages 13-17 participate in epic camps. These three-day programs are tailored to the needs of teenagers and feature advanced activities, including cave exploration and many more. Make sure they bring a sleeping bag with them.

The programs at Camp Indy usually run for one week. You can register for any of these programs, and if your camper grows to like them, you can then pay for additional weeks. 

5. University of Indianapolis Camps

The University of Indianapolis MICI- AHEC center operates different summer camps for youngsters passionate about health-related careers. At camp, your child will have plenty of opportunities to explore diverse medical fields and pick whatever path interests them.

The physical and occupational therapy (OT) camps are for high-school students interested in becoming therapists in the future. Participants can learn what it takes to succeed in therapy and increase their odds of breaking into the industry. 

The Doctor Camp welcomes teenagers dreaming of a career in medicine and healthcare. Participants between 5th and 8th-grade can receive instruction on the experience and education required to pursue a successful career in those fields. Camp Medical Detectives covers similar activities but caters to older campers between 10th and 12th grades. 

If you want a richer experience, the Health Careers Camp may be best. This program covers a broader range of health-related fields, including physiotherapy, nursing, and more. Your child can participate in practical classes on health sciences and enjoy games that help enforce lessons learned in class. 

All MICI-AHEC camps have the same 4-day timeframe. Most programs operate out of the University of Indianapolis campus.

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