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8 Best Summer Camps In Georgia 2024

Kids running at one of Georgia summer camps, Winshape Camps.

Georgia is home to numerous summer camps for kids. With beautiful landscapes perfect for hiking or overnight tent camping all across the state, it’s no surprise there are so many amazing Georgia summer camps. The state is covered with national parks, famous hiking trails, beautiful open lands and much more. 

Choosing the correct camp is crucial for your kids to truly enjoy their summer. Luckily, this state has a mix of options whether you’re looking for one more focused on sports or academics or just fun adventures. Your kids can grow their social or leadership skills and make loads of new friends.

Finding an overnight camp or a day camp isn’t so easy either, especially with the abundance of options parents have to choose from. This guide will help you figure out what the best summer camps are in Georgia so you can register your children for any of the following.

Best Summer Camps In Georgia

1. WinShape Camps

The WinShape Foundation offers Christian summer camps in Georgia around places like Mount Berry, Cleveland, Crandall, and more. Students in K-8th grade can have a day full of adventures at one of their many day camps while students 1st to 12th grade can have memorable overnight experiences at one of their sleepaway camps.  

WinShape camps offer exciting camp activities like archery, rock climbing, basketball, field games, and a lot more. Their facilities offer an enjoyable setting where campers can explore the outdoors in a secure environment. There are one-week and two-week options as well as a family camp. 

The goal is to help campers grow closer to God and improve themselves through God’s teaching. Their camps receive thousands of students each year and are led by experienced camp staff. 

2. Camp Highland

Camp Highland offers children, families, and groups wholesome activities included with good Christian values. There are both overnight summer camps and day camps held at the Fellowship Bible Church located in Gilmer County, Georgia. 

Camp Highland has various spring and summer programs, family retreats, and group retreats for men and women. There are many mixes and matches, including for middle school and high school students. 

Camp Highland offers a wide range of activities for camp participants, including things like high and low ropes courses and tree zip courses. Plus water sports, including kayaking, tubing, and paddle boarding on Carter Lake. There are also alone and group activities such as tribal time and bible study. Be sure to send your camper with sufficient camp supplies for their time here. 

The day camps take place at the Fellowship Bible Church, where campers participate in many of the same activities, including the low-rope course, pamper pole, and rock wall. Camp Highland’s programs aim to bring families and communities together through physical activities, team-building exercises, and communion with God.  

3. Camp Dixie

Camp Dixie is located on 350 acres, with a lake on the property, about 3000 feet up on the Blue Ridge Mountains in northeast Georgia. Over 100 years old, the well-defined rules of guidance and small group activities set their traditional overnight summer camps apart from many others around the country.

Camp Dixie limits its attendance to around 70 attendees, ages 6 to 15, per session for the overnight camps. Both boys and girls can attend, and Its purpose is to provide a unique experience for them.

Activities suit the interests and capabilities of all its attendees with it’s facilities in the North Georgia mountains. Some popular ones include water sports, nature and outdoor driven pursuits, arts (crafts and dramatics), and leadership programs. There are also individual and team sports events.

It prides itself on character development like confidence building, with a firm reliance on Christian values. The small size of each camp group allows for a personalized experience. Each camper signs a Code of Conduct outline, and by the process of abiding by it during their stay, Camp Dixie believes they emerge with a more substantial code of ethics.

4. Game Camp Nation

Students ages 9-19 interested in game design and coding can sign up for Game Camp Nation’s camps. Your kids can develop essential STEM skills that can benefit them in a future major and career. 

Game Camp Nation offers lessons in game design, pixel art, 3D graphics, coding, and more. There are day camps and residential summer camps. However, kids in other places can also choose their virtual lessons. Each camp and class is divided into age groups, so they learn alongside students their age. The course curriculum is well-designed, built for students to progressively advanced their skills through project-based learning. 

Campers work with software like Minecraft and Unity and programming languages like Java, Scratch, and Python. Your children can build up their confidence and meet like-minded friends in their classrooms.

5. Camp Woodmont

Camp Woodmont is a traditional camp, dedicated to treating its campers with respect and promote great family values, interspersed with fun and creative activities while instilling structure into every day.

Camp Woodmont is located on top of Lookout Mountain in Northwest Georgia, and it’s open to both boys and girls ages 6 to 14. The overnight summer camps offer many activities like archery, soccer, climbing, horseback riding, fishing, dancing, and plenty more. 

During the afternoon, there are organized activities between the group members to bond through a more straightforward set of activities such as building a campsite, berry picking, scavenger hunts, and creek stomping.

With their specialty camps, there are unique themes for their weekly sessions such as carnival night, special night nature night, international folk dance, hunt the counselor, as well as team sports, and group games like capture-the-flag.  

Camp Woodmont mission is to teach people how to bond with their campmates and improve themselves during their stay at the beautiful campus in Lookout Mountain.

6. Camp Southern Ground

Camp Southern Ground offers overnight camp for children ages 7-17 in Fayette County, Georgia. Campers here build relationships with peers and counselors that are different from themselves and experience adventure in the great outdoors.

Camp activities include mountain biking, arts and crafts, ropes courses and zip lining, cooking outdoors, gardening, dance, archery, team sports like soccer and basketball, and much more. There are multiple week-long camp sessions that begin in June and end in July. They offer tiered pricing so families can choose the option that works best for them.

Camp Southern Ground provides a fun, inclusive, and nurturing environment where kids from all walks of life can develop into better versions of themselves and grow goodness into the world. For campers looking for an outdoor adventure that’s educational in nature, this camp is an excellent option.

7. Camp Juliette Low

Camp Juliette Low (CJL) is designed to honor the thought process of its namesake and founder, Juliette Gordon Low, who also founded the Girl Guides.

CJL is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Georgia, sitting on more than 330 acres atop Lookout Mountain. Camp Juliette Low limits its attendance to girls ages 8 to 15. 

It offers one- or two-week sessions in general, though girls 6-17 who are training to be counselors have three-week sessions. There are also mini one week sessions for younger girls aged 8-10.

The typical activities are focused on outdoor experiences like sailing, canoeing, swimming, horseback riding, climbing walls and rope courses, archery, tennis, crafts, and many more outdoor aventures.

The camp prides itself in teaching campers team-building exercises and fun activities like group songs, group/unit activities, learning outdoor skills like chopping wood or building a fire, storytelling, hiking, and much more. 

8. Cohutta Springs Youth Camp

Cohutta Springs Youth Camp has been hosting kids of all ages for over 40 years. Their summer camps in Georgia camp advocate strong Christian traditions during its exercises, which are perfect for team-bonding and outdoor adventure.

Cohutta Springs Youth Camp is located in Crandall, GA, off Cohutta Springs Road. They offer coed camps for campers ages 7-18, plus family camps and trek-focused camps. 

They also offer a huge range of activities, separated by the different types of camps. Fine arts and craftsmanship driven activities such as creative arts, drama, music performance, photography, videography, and model rocketry. Plus adventurous and thrilling activities like archery, BMX Biking, giant rope swing, rock climbing, and more.

These Christian summer camps provide an incredible value-based package, being able to offer a vast range of activities across any age group while still keeping fees low due to donations from the Seventh Day Adventist Church and other community donors.

There are many excellent summer camp options in the state of Georgia, but the ones mentioned above are among the very best of what the state has to offer.

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