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Best Summer Camp Duffel Bags For Kids 2024

One way to keep all your kid’s camp gear neatly organized is by sending them off with a quality summer camp duffel bag. Not all duffel bags are made the same and some have added features like wheels and better-fitting carrying straps that make it easier for your child to carry it around.

Some summer camps have started to disallow camp trunks, which means that duffel bags are the next best way to package everything your children may need for camp. You ideally want a duffle that’s comfortable enough for them to carry either on their shoulder or just from the short strap.

Here are our recommendations on the best camp duffel bags to make your child’s life more comfortable while camping or at summer camp.

#1 – Gothamite Rolling Duffel Bag with Wheels

Gothamite 42 inch duffel

The Gothamite is a heavy-duty duffel bag with wheels for campers who bring a lot of gear with them. Measuring a staggering 42 x 18 x 18 inches, it has enough compartments to organize all the things you need for camp easily. You can roll it with the wheels, which is helpful if your young camper packs a lot into it.

By design, you can push it down to its base level, making it simple to store away when you don’t need to use it anymore. It’s large enough to fit in most of the overnight camp supplies for one to two weeks. The added compartments make it easy to store certain items like waterproof shoes or even a small sleeping bag.

#2 – Bago Travel Duffel Bag

Bago Large Duffel Bag

The Bago Travel duffel bag is a medium-sized bag that measures 10 x 13 x 23 inches. It’s built to withstand the usual wear and tear, making it a perfect candidate for a camp duffel bag that often gets thrown around by kids. It comes in many different colors so your kid can choose their favorite one.

This camp duffel bag has a specific odor-proof compartment to keep dirty laundry and boots/shoes in. Black isn’t the only color it comes in, and you can also get it in blue, pink, purple, and more. With multiple departments apart from the main one, means kids won’t have trouble finding the things they need at the moment instead of making a huge mess.

#3 – Bear & Bark Extra-Large Duffle Bag

Bear & Bark Medium Duffle Bag

This XL duffel bag by Bear & Bark is truly impressive. The bag is incredibly durable thanks to the double- and triple-stitched fabric that makes it challenging and almost impossible to rip or tear. Bear & Bark uses military-grade stitched canvas as the primary material for the bag. Thanks to that material, you can stuff this extra-large duffel bag to its limits without compromising the material.

You can find durability in more than just the bag’s main structure. Bear & Bark even reinforced the handles to provide extra strength and make it easier to grip. Simultaneously, the shoulder strap is also very comfortable, especially if you’re carrying a fully-packed duffle bag.

The bag looks elegant and tasteful on the outside. Packing it away is super easy as well. You can keep this extra-large duffel bag flat or roll it up when you’re not using it.

#4 – Canway Travel Duffel Bag

canway 65 l duffel bag

The foldable Canway duffel bag is perfect for all your camping needs. The bag provides you with a lot of space to pack for a fun overnight camping trip. It has a main section plus an additional six pockets to keep things well-organized. One of the bag’s pockets comes with air vents to keep it well-ventilated, so you can use it to store shoes or dirty laundry.

Duffel bags tend to get very heavy, so this bag has a specially designed detachable shoulder strap so that two people can share the load. It also comes with rounded stitched grip handles for easier hand-carrying. The Canway travel duffel bag is well-designed with a premium look. Still, it has the necessary roughness to withstand a teenager’s use of it during summer camp.

#5 – The North Face Unisex Berkeley Duffel Bag

The Large North Face Berkeley Duffel bag is easy to carry around by either wearing it on your back or shoulder. It has padded straps that can help make it more comfortable when your children have it on their shoulders.

Several different compartments allow you to organize all the camp gear efficiently and in an organized manner. The duffel bag dimensions are 11 x 27 x 13.5 inches in length, which is large enough to fit most gear for a short camp session. There are two external compartments on the side that are easy to reach, perfect for storing any paperwork or small items.

Camp Duffel Bag Buyers Guide 

Choosing the perfect camp duffel bag is easy and straightforward. However, here are a few things to look out for before you make any buying decisions:

A good duffel bag is one with robust construction. The odds are that you’ll use the duffel bag to carry lots of things inside, all of which make it very heavy. This means you’ll need a duffel bag that won’t rip or tear when it’s fully-packed. Canvas, for example, is an ideal material for strong duffel bags. This is especially important if they’re taking it with them to summer camp where you know they may not be too careful with it. 

The point of a duffel bag is for you to fit all of your belongings into one place. That way, you won’t have to carry multiple bags on your camping trip. When you go shopping for a duffel bag, be sure to consider the total amount of internal space available. You can compare the internal capacities of duffel bags by seeing how many liters they can carry. Ensuring they have multiple compartments is also good so you can neatly organize items and so there is no issue finding an item instead of having to take everything out.

Look at the external appearance of the duffle bag. You’ll use your duffel bag for a long time, so there’s no harm in choosing one that matches your tastes and personal style.

Apart from duffel bags, you can also use a camp trunk to organize and pack the camp gear. 

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