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5 Best Business & Entrepreneurship Summer Camps 2022

Interest in entrepreneurship and business is higher than ever among the younger crowd. Yet, the knowledge for it isn’t always easy to obtain for them as some schools don’t cover these subjects.

Luckily, there are dedicated business summer programs and camps that strive to teach kids about starting a business, marketing, and making it as an entrepreneur. The skills learned at these pre college programs wouldn't otherwise be learned in school and will help them in the future no matter what path they decide to take. 

Although they might not quality for college credit, the experienced gained is well worth it for the students. If you have an ambitious child with an interest in business, finance, or entrepreneurship, check out these top-notch five summer camps and summer programs. 

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Top 5 Business & Entrepreneurship Camps

LSTM Summer Startup

LSTM summer startup is an excellent choice if you have an ambitious teen that wants to start their own business someday. This 30-day virtual business camp offers a hands-on approach for learning how to validate a business idea, write a basic one-page business plan and find customers. Teens learn how to start traditional businesses like babysitting or landscaping to digital businesses like a YouTube Channel or becoming a social media influencer. 

They’ll have access to live group coaching, one-on-one consultation with business advisors, and access to a community of like-minded teenagers to support and motivate them. Not to mention how starting a business can make for a great addition to a college admissions portfolio.

E-seedling Business and Entrepreneurship Camp

If your child is interested in creating their own business and making their own money, this one-week half-day camp can help them turn their idea into a business.

They will learn what an entrepreneur is (and how they think), how to choose a business idea that they can start now, branding, marketing, sales, financials, and business operations (through playing the Biz Ops Game). Kids will create a one-page visual business plan and elevator pitch and present it to their campmates.

Even if your child doesn’t become an entrepreneur, these lifelong skills of creativity, problem solving and growth mindset thinking can help them in any career path they choose.

Campers can choose from AM or PM and in-person or virtual options. Although not specifically for high school students, the camp is more suited for kids ages 10-14. There are also limited needs-based scholarships available. 

Camp BizSmart

Camp BizSmart focuses on helping kids become the entrepreneurs of the next generation. They offer two business summer programs for different age groups. The camp brings in powerful founders and executives from current companies to work alongside the campers. Meanwhile, judges and advisors also help out the kids. 

For younger kids, typically middle school students and early high school students, between the age of 11-15, they offer a two-week summer program focusing on product design and business planning. Their second program for older teens between 16-19 lasts six days and focuses on designing and creating a product, plus also how to gain the necessary capital to make it a reality. It's a perfect pre college summer program to gain valuable experience.

Currently, there are over 9,000 alumni and with a record of 15 years of inspiring young entrepreneurs. Early graduates are in careers as engineers, financial experts, and many more. They work at top companies, and startups, including one's graduates have founded on their own.

They actively work together as teams to solve real-life business problems while building essential skills like design, marketing, financials, and decision making all along the way.

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Girls With Impact

If you want your daughter to stand out from the crowd when it comes to college admissions or in her future career in the business world, the Girls With Impact business summer programs offer her an opportunity to do something unique and have fun while doing it!

In their summer programs, she can build a venture, meet friends and learn valuable skills. This includes things like:

  • Creating a business venture from her existing passions.
  • Creating a business prototype and how to present a pitch.
  • Receive a certificate for completing the program and also earn school service hours.

Girls With Impact is helping to create the next generation of female leaders and innovators. It's a perfect pre college program for high school students and even for younger girls, since it's aimed at those 12-18 years old. At their summer camps, students learn all there is about essential business concepts.

Summer Discovery

The Summer Discovery summer programs teach students the ins and outs of starting a business and how to run them successfully. Students interested in leading their own companies one day can see examples of successful companies and study their journeys from the beginning to learn.

The programs are aimed at high school students and help give them a strong foundation on valuable skills to help them start and be successful in entrepreneurship. They take a modern approach to teaching teens about business by teaching them current marketing concepts that include digital marketing and launching online advertising campaigns. 

Their entrepreneurship summer programs are found at different university campuses across the United States in colleges like UCLA, Michigan, Connecticut, St. John’s University, and more.