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10 Best Water Gun Games To Keep Kids Cool

One fantastic way to keep kids entertained and refreshed is by participating in fun water gun games. They don’t require much setup either — all your kid need is a handy water gun, some friends, and a thrill for adventure.

Whether they’re at a birthday party, sleepover, family reunion, or just a get-together, keep them having fun and enjoying the nice weather with these thrilling water games.

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Beach Ball Competition 

The rules are simple — players split up into two groups, with each player having a water gun and each team having one inflatable beach ball. Teams line up next to each other, and a finish line is set at a certain point. The players work together to spray the beach ball with their water guns and get it across the finish line. The first team to reach the finish line wins. 

To change things up, you can have one player from each team actively working against the opposing team by spraying the ball in the opposite direction. This is probably one of the most entertaining water gun games for a large group of kids.

Freeze Water Gun Tag

This is a perfect game if you’re limited on water guns. Choose one player to be “IT” and have them go around trying to squirt the other players. In this water gun tag game whoever gets sprayed has to freeze, just like the regular game. If the player gets all the players to freeze, they win. Otherwise, if they run out of water, they lose. It's the perfect outdoor fun for kids.

Capture The Ballon

Similar to the game of capture the flag, the players try to capture or in this case, pop the other team’s water ballon. The goal of each team is to protect their ballon while trying to pop the other team’s ballon. If a player gets squirted, they are automatically frozen until one of their teammates sprays them and screams “Released”. The first team to pop the other group’s water ballon wins. 

Bubble Target Practice

For this, you’ll need just one person to blow bubbles while the others attempt to hit them with their water gun. This game is more suitable if you only have a few players since it can quickly become chaotic with every player trying to pop a limited amount of bubbles. Players can take turns on who’s in charge of blowing them.

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Watercolor War

If the kids don’t mind getting messy, watercolor war involves everyone putting on a white shirt. Then fill up the water guns with a mixture of paint and water. All there is to it is to get everyone’s shirts as messy and colorful as possible. It works best if you use different paint colors for each person. That way you know who did a good job at it. 

Water Gun Duel

This is a two-player water gun game. Just like in a real duel, players meet in the middle with their backs turned to each other and a squirt gun on one hand. They take five steps before turning around and spraying each other. It does require a judge to determine who sprayed who first. You can make a tournament out of it too, where the winner moves on to the next round. 

Watergun Timeout

The way this game works is that everyone fills up their water gun only once. The rules of the game are that if you get sprayed with water, you’re automatically out. If you run out of water, you are also automatically out. The last person standing wins. This is a great strategy game for kids and encourages them to analyze the situation. 

Zombie Tag

Zombie tag involves someone starting as the zombie — who’s also the only person with a water gun. They go around trying to infect the others by squirting them with water. When someone gets sprayed, they also turn into zombies and can now use their own squirt guns. They then try to infect everyone else. The game ends when everyone has become a zombie. This game is also commonly played at summer camps.

Fizzy Necklace 

This is probably one of the more creative games out there. It involves making a small hole on an Alka-Seltzer and then putting a string through it to turn it into a necklace. Once all players have one, the goal is to spray all the other player’s necklace with water until it dissolves. The last player with one still intact is crowned the winner. 

Carnival Cup Target Practice

Just like a carnival cup target practice — except this time, instead of using a baseball, you use a water gun. Set up a pyramid consisting of plastic cups, three on the first layer, two on the second, and one on the third. The goal is for a player to attempt and knock down all the cups in a set amount of tries. Ideally, it should be three attempts, but if it’s too hard, you can increase the number of tries to four or five.