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How To Play The Alphabet Game On A Fun Road Trip

If you’ve ever been on a long road trip, you know that boredom can set in quickly. Having a fun game to pass the time is necessary, especially with kids in the car. If you can find one that requires no supplies and makes no messes? Bonus! The Alphabet Game is a simple, fun car game that anyone can play without the fuss of pieces or game boards. 

What is the Alphabet Game?

This popular car game has players look out the window and try to find certain letters in things outside. It’s done in alphabetical order, and they can either take turns finding letters or compete to see who finishes the alphabet first. It seems to have been around forever, and it’s hard to pinpoint a creator or even a specific time it was first played. 

alphabet game

Just like I Spy, it’s a great way to keep bored family members occupied during long road trips down the highway. However it came to be, the game certainly earned a spot in the toolkit of weary travelers hoping to entertain their passengers. It’s also a great way to take a break from technology and have some quality family fun.

How To Play The Alphabet Game

The Alphabet Game can be played by anyone who can see out the window and knows the letters in the alphabet. You can play it individually or on teams. The point of the game is to find letters on objects as you pass them while riding in the car. The letters on the objects should be found in alphabetical order. 

They can be found on billboards, signs, license plates, or anything else seen out the window. When you find a letter, you shout it out and announce the following letter you’re looking for so everyone knows what’s next. For example, if the current letter is “F” and you spot a sign announcing a National Forest, you would shout, “Forest! The next letter is G.” The game is over when either an individual or team finds a word for every letter in the alphabet. 

There are different ways you can play. License plates aren’t always allowed since that might make things too easy. Similarly, you might only allow things that start with the specific letter rather than in between. For example, if you’re looking for the letter “S” and you see the word “STOP” that would count as valid, but if you see something that says “TURNS” that would not be valid since it doesn’t start with the letter.

Why Should You Play It?

There are many benefits to playing the game:

  • The game requires no pieces or parts, so the no-mess factor is a definite plus. 
  • Everyone can be included, playing individually or on a team.
  • The game can be paused at any point and continued throughout the trip.
  • Different variations can be played and customized to your family’s needs and desires. 
  • It’s fun and encourages interaction.
  • Best of all, it’s an educational game that can help younger children with their vocabulary and is also suitable for young ESL learners

Alphabet Car Game Variations

This game can be customized in a number of different ways for families to play. Rules can be adjusted according to how challenging you want the game to be. Here are some examples of different variations:

  • Use only one letter per sign/object spotted. 
  • Limit letters to stationary objects (no moving vehicles or license plates).
  • Letters must be found at the beginning of a word, not in the middle or end of the word. 
  • An object can be spotted that starts with the letter (not the word itself).
  • Numbers can be used instead of letters. 

This classic car game is a favorite for a reason. The driver and passengers alike can participate in a fun, simple activity that may even lead to learning more about the places you are driving through. Why not give it a try on your next road trip?