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10 Best Summer Camp Tips For An Ultimate Camp Experience

The time has arrived, you found the perfect summer camp, and now you're ready to go. Before you go, there are some things you should probably figure out first and a few other things you should keep in mind. Whether you're a parent getting ready to send their kids to camp and want to give them some advice, or you're a camper getting prepared for camp. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind to make the best of your summer camp experience and fully prepare for it. 

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10 Summer Camp Tips For The Best Camp Experience  

1. Don't be afraid to try new activities

Summer camps are the perfect place to try new things. It's a unique environment where you're surrounded by the unknown. They make great learning experiences and are an excellent way to find yourself and learn about things you never even knew you liked. Trying a new activity can lead you to great paths and help you avoid certain bad ones. I had personally never tried doing archery before until I tried it at summer camp. Years later and it's one of my favorite hobbies! Don't be afraid to try something new. 

2. Ask what you need to bring in advance

It's a good idea to know exactly what you need to bring to camp that might not otherwise be found there. For the most part, you should bring all the necessary hygiene essentials like toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and other necessities. Things like googles for swimming, bedding, towels, and snacks might be worth asking about. 

3. Read about the activities in advance 

After arriving, you'll probably be asked to fill out a questionnaire and choose which activities you would like to participate in. If you haven't read the activities beforehand, which you definitely should have before choosing the camp, it might not be easy finding out exactly what they have to offer. You'll also have limited time to decide which might end up in you making a choice you'll later regret. Reading about the activities they offer ahead of time and figuring out what you want to do will make choosing a lot easier. You should keep in mind some things when selecting activities, which leads us to our next tip.

4. Have all your things ready and packed days before

If you start packing days before you need to leave for camp, you're less likely to forget or remember that you didn't pack something. The last thing you want to do is to be in a rush packing 30 minutes before leaving for camp, which will only increase your odds of forgetting something. Do yourself a favor and have everything you need to pack a day before. Also, do your future self a favor and create a packing list of everything that you packed. Check tip #10 to see why. 

5. Don't be shy or afraid to talk to people

Heading into summer camp, you might be a bit worried about not knowing anybody. If it helps you, everyone else will probably be feeling the same way. Say hello and introduce yourself to people. I can guarantee you that a lot of people will feel relieved that they have a friendly person talking to them. Summer camps are the perfect way to make friendships that last a lifetime.

6. Be nice, respectful and helpful to the camp counselor

On your first day, you will meet the camp counselor. The camp counselor is in charge of coordinating all the activities and supervising all of you. Being helpful, friendly, and respectful will make their job a lot easier and help the activities run more smoothly, which means more fun for you! Keep in mind, one day you might want to become a camp counselor yourself. So act and behave as the perfect person you would be happy to supervise one day.

7. Learn and follow the rules

This kind of goes hand in hand with tip #4. By following the rules, you'll make your time at camp and everybody else's a lot more productive and fun. You don't want to be the person that gets an activity canceled because you couldn't follow specific safety rules. Learning the rules so you don't accidentally end up breaking them is very important. Some of the things you might want to ask or know ahead of time are the following. What can't you bring to the camp? What is the camp curfew? What is my daily schedule? 

8. Keep in touch with friends

Don't forget to get your friend's information to talk to them later! Friendships that you make at camp can last a lifetime. Who knows, you might be back at the same camp next summer and you'll already have a friend. Try to get each other's contact information before the last day since you might not have enough time on the final day. With the rush of packing and talking to your family, it might completely slip your mind. 

9. Bring some extra cash if possible

Although it's not required, having some extra spending money might come in handy. Sometimes camps will take a trip into town, allowing you to buy everyday goods like deodorant, snacks and other things. Check the camp policies beforehand since some camps might not want you to bring money. If you want to learn how to save money before attending camp, read our guide on making it more affordable.

10. Use the packing list you made, so you don't forget anything

This is where you give thanks to your old self for creating that packing list. Remember that jacket that you brought and didn't notice it was gone till now cause it's been in the lost and found all summer? Well, at least you know now that you need to get it before you leave.

That just about concludes our guide on the best tips for summer camp. Remember summer camps are a time to have fun and have new learning experiences. Follow these tips to have the ultimate summer camp experience!