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15 Polymer Clay Ideas 2022

There is an endless amount of things that can be created with polymer clay. You can make anything ranging from jewelry, figures, magnets, charms and much more. Here is a list of 15 polymer clay ideas created by campers that you can use as an inspiration for your next clay project.

Don't forget, it's possible to paint polymer clay figures with acrylic paint.

1. Lobster Food

lobster food clay figure

A lobster food clay figure. Carefully crafted by a camper.

2. Ghost Figurine

ghost clay figure

A simple ghost clay figure. An easy polymer clay idea for beginners to try.

3. Frog In A Boat

frog in a boat clay figure

A frog in a boat polymer clay figure. A nice cute frog hanging out in a boat surrounded by flowers. Would be worth a try for those looking for a challenge.

4. Clay Charm Cactus

cactus clay figure

A cactus clay charm. Makes for a nice key chain item. 

5. Fast Food

burger and fries clay figure

Would you like some fries with that? A delicious clay figure of the typical fast food meal. It looks so real it almost makes you want to taste it.

6. Boy Smiley Face Clay Charm

happy face clay figure

A clay charm representing a young boy with a cheesy smile.

7. Donut Plate

donuts plate clay figure

Did anyone say donuts? A clay figure representing three different types of donuts all of different sizes. Almost looks like the real thing. 

8. Mushroom House

mushroom home clay figure

A lovely mushroom house with a door opening and hearts all around it.

9. Black Purse

purse clay figure 2

A stylish black purse with diamonds all around it. It has beautiful heart designs carefully crafted.

10. Blue Koala Clay Charm

koala clay charm

A cute koala clay charm that smiles. You can't get any more cure than this.

11. Donut Bear Face

donut face clay figure

That's as close as you can get to looking like real frosting. This cute donut bear face clay figure makes you want to eat it.

12. Purse Clay Figure

purse clay figure

A cute and colorful purse clay figure.

13. Snapchat Hot Dog Figure Clay Charm

snapchat hot dog clay charm

If this looks familiar, its probably because you've seen the infamous Snapchat hot dog. It's quite a talented clay creation. You can also try to make it with sculpting clay.

14. Delicious Breakfast

breakfast food clay figure

Anyone in the mood for breakfast? A unique creation featuring delicious and healthy breakfast foods.

15. Smiley Emoji Clay Charm

smiley face clay charm

A very cute and smiley emoji clay charm to brighten up your day.