5 Cute Polymer Clay Charm Ideas You Need To Try

Whether you're a beginner that's just getting started with polymer clay, or have previous experience building clay charms, here are 5 cute clay charm ideas made by campers that you need to try. You can also try making some of these with sculpting clay and also paint them with acrylic.

1. Smiley Emoji Clay Charm

smiley face clay charm

It's a cute emoji smiley clay charm. This is the perfect clay charm idea for beginners looking to get started. 

2. Blue Koala Clay Charm

koala clay charm

This cute smiling blue koala clay charm can makes anyones day much better. It isn't too difficult to make and doesn't require too much detail. 

3. Snapchat Hot Dog Clay Charm

snapchat hot dog clay charm

The famous Snapchat hot dog clay charm is an excellent option for those with previous experience building clay charms. It's a unique design that requires careful details.   

4. Cactus Clay Charm

cactus clay figure

The cactus clay charm is a simple idea that is an excellent choice for beginners. Be sure to read our guide to find the best polymer clay brands for beginners.  There isn't too much to it other than crafting the figure and adding cute roses at the head. 

5. Boy Cheesy Smile Clay Charm

happy face clay figure

This bright eye'd boy smiley face is an excellent project for those looking to start more human like polymer clay figures. 

If you're looking for more ideas or inspiration, read our guide on the top 15 polymer clay ideas.