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7 Best Online Robotic Classes For Kids 2022

The future is going to be more technologically advanced than most of us can imagine. We need innovative solutions to solve modern and future problems, which is why it’s important to introduce kids to technology at a young age. Robotics is a vast industry, and it’s only growing bigger. Not only are robots appealing to kids, but the field also offers major learning opportunities for STEM. 

While robotics can seem intimidating initially, it’s never a bad time for kids to start learning. Not only do kids gain marketable STEM skills, but they also learn how to collaborate with peers and present their ideas.

If you want to get your children involved with robotics early on, consider any of these fantastic robotic classes for kids and teenagers.

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iD Tech

IdTech offers both in-person and online robotics classes. Through their educational courses, kids can also learn about AI, coding, machine learning, and much more. 

One of their best online options is the Coding with Scratch and VEX Virtual Robotics, available for kids ages 7-9. Scratch is a program designed to help young children learn how to code and robotics. Most of their offerings are in small group sizes led by live instructors.

With iD tech, kids learn to use various critical coding features to program robots. As they progress throughout their courses, students learn how to think creatively and look for interesting ways to solve problems. The skills they learn are fundamental to more advanced robotics projects. 

Their in-person classes and robotics camps are held at universities throughout the United States. Parents can check out their website to find an in-person class session in your local area.

Code Advantage

Code Advantage offers online robotics classes for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade. Kids in K-2nd start with courses that help them understand the basics of coding in the Kidbots program.

Those in 3rd-5th grades have options ranging from Pokebots based on Pokemon, Jedi robotics, Antibots, and Earth Bots. In these programs, they can make their creations move and perform specific tasks.

Older students in grades 6th-8th have Spacebots and Engineering Robotics, where they design their robots to cross obstacles, prevent crashes with others and learn the physics behind how they work.

Each class is designed to meet the needs of different age groups with different themes and projects. Their teaching approach focuses on keeping kids engaged and having fun while learning the crucial robotics concepts and applying them in hands-on projects. 

CodeAdvantage also offers online coding classes that focus on other subjects like Minecraft and Roblox. Experienced instructors teach each course in small groups with a teacher-to-student ratio of 7:1.

Create and Learn

Create and Learn offers personalized virtual classes for kids in K-12th grade interested in robotics, AI, and coding. Classes are composed of just a few students led by a live teacher, with one-on-one classes also available. 

Young students in 2nd to 4th grade can start with their Junior Robotics course, which allows them to build robots in an online world. They’re other programs like the Robot Adventures and Smart Devices: Arduino focuses on more advanced features. While you won’t need to purchase a robot kit since all the classes use online simulations, you do have the option of doing so. Everything that is taught can be implemented with actual hardware. 

There are also a variety of other special classes available with different coding focuses. All games and lessons are led by expert instructors who enjoy helping students learn new skills for a future STEM career. 


The Tekkieuni Robotics Program introduces kids ages 10-13 to the subject. Students don’t need any previous education in robotics to enroll, just basic computer skills. The class schedule is 2 hours a week: 1 hour of instruction and 1 hour of practice, where students can work through problems with the support of their teacher. 

Their robotics for kids program takes a project-based approach, allowing kids to practice working through problems and learning by doing. Students design and control virtual 3D robots with Blocky and CoderZ. The class teaches kids the foundations of engineering, physics, sensors, and programming languages. They learn how robots are created and utilized in the field and practice important skills like communication, abstract thinking, creative thinking, and innovative problem-solving. 

Instructors hold weekly sessions where students can ask them any questions for help on their projects or exercises. Through project-based learning, participants can implement what they learn to ensure the knowledge sticks with them. In addition to robotic classes, Tekkieuni also offers courses on app development, game design, and YouTube video creation. 


TechyKids is on a mission to educate kids as young as five on robotics, coding, and 3D modeling. Instead of signing up for a scheduled class, TechyKids offers single courses on various topics. This is helpful for busy kids that have a packed schedule and can’t fit in another weekly activity. With these specialized courses, parents can buy one and let the kids complete it on their own terms. 

There are three courses available for robotics. The Robotics Web Course is for kids 7+ with little to no prior knowledge of robotics. They learn how to use sensors, actuators, actions, and other important functions to make virtual robots. The Thymio Beginner Course teaches kids how to program their very own robot. With the package, kids get a real-life robot to use for their exercises. The Intermediate Thymio Course goes beyond the basics and is the perfect follow-up for those who have done the intermediate course. 

There is a section on their website where children can look at projects from other students to gain inspiration and challenge themselves with new ideas. TechyKids is a unique platform for children who want to learn about robotics without needing to follow a live program.


RoboYantrix is dedicated to helping children learn robotics and coding. They offer a variety of courses for kids to create virtual 3D robots and work with actual robotic kits. No previous experience is necessary, so students can start from scratch and learn the basics of computer programming. Experienced instructors lead kids through live lessons giving them plenty of support and encouragement along the way. 

The online robotic classes are offered for students of any skill level, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced options. Participants who want to build with robot kits can enroll in the Robotics Junior Lego program. Students in this course build bots that can walk, rotate, and use sensors. After completing the Junior program, children can move on to the Robotics Senior Lego program to take their skills to the next level. 

The Arduino Robotics program for ages 10+ is a blended class where students create virtual and physical robots using Arduino hardware. Arduino is one of the most popular robotics platforms, so kids can learn to work with widely used hardware.

Udemy Coding for Kids

Udemy offers a coding for kids class that teaches children about robotics, among other things like Python, Math, and CSS. All you need to get started is a computer. 

The course is designed to be engaging and easy enough for beginners. Students start by learning the basics of computer programming and 3D design. Later, kids learn how to build animations and games. By the end, every student will be able to use sensors and codes to program a virtual robot. 

Compared to other classes, this one has a much stronger focus on programming languages. Since coding is a fundamental concept of robotics, you can’t get far in the field without it. The class teaches the value of programming as well as hardware and circuits to help children get started with robotics. 

The entire class is pre-recorded by professionals from Robolabz STEM School so that students can advance at their own pace.