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7 Best Ohio Summer Camps For Children 2022

Ohio is a charming Midwestern state with a cosmopolitan appeal. You can find dazzling urban attractions, idyllic towns, and plenty of opportunities for shopping and recreation. 

Ohio is also a good place for kids in the summer. There are enough summer camps in the Buckeye State to keep kids engaged in healthy activities throughout the entire school break. 

Read on to find the top summer camps for kids in Ohio.

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Hiram House Camp

Hiram House Camp has been operating since 1896, making it one of the oldest camps in the United States. The camp seeks to provide an inclusive experience for all children. Here, they can build their life skills, develop positive self-esteem, and explore new paths.

The campsite is spread across 172 acres of land in the Chagrin Valley. Hiram Camp is worth checking out if you want the perfect outdoor experience for your child. Youth have opportunities for canoeing, water-skiing, kayaking, fishing, and other exciting outdoor/water activities.

The camp has carefully tailored its programs to provide campers with the best experience. Junior Day Camp welcomes kids ages 6 to 12 while older kids 6-12 go to Day Camp.

Parents who want an overnight experience for their kids can opt for the Overnight Camp. This program offers cookouts, campfire nights and is open to children between 6 and 14.

Camp Carl

Camp Carl offers faith-based instruction for children and helps build their faith through group discussions and interactive lessons. The camp has half-day, full-day, and overnight camps for different age grades. 

The day camp is for the youngest campers in grades 1-5, with an ideal 6:1 counselor-to-camper ratio. Day campers have a superb selection of activities to choose from, whether it’s creek walking, playing with inflatables, or riding horses. 

The residential camps at Camp Carl have a wider array of options for prospective campers in grades 3 to 12. From waterskiing to equestrian, campers get a unique and memorable experience. 

There is also a leadership camp open to 9th to 12th graders. It helps equip campers to become future leaders. Young adults receive lessons that emphasize the development of hard work, teamwork, dedication, and a sense of public service.

Camp Wyandot

Camp Wyandot connects youths ages 7 to 17 with the great outdoors and gives them a chance to experience nature, build lasting friendships, and improve emotional and physical wellbeing.

Camp Wyandot is divided into an overnight program and a day program. The overnight camp runs throughout the summer and offers kayaking, trail walking, creek exploration, and more. The day camp is also great, with campers free to choose from crafts, nature hikes, archery practice, among others.

There are a total of 16 sessions operated for different age grades. While campers in grades 2nd to 12th are welcome in Camp Wyandot, entry into Camp Otonwe is limited to 1st and 6th.

Camp Asbury

Camp Asbury boasts one of the most comprehensive summer camp programs in the Ohio area. The camp has a different offering for distinct groups, meaning campers can take part in activities suitable for their age.

Camp Asbury campers are divided into co-ed groups, composed of eight total campers. These small groups provide the perfect opportunity for children to enjoy one-on-one supervision and foster more significant interaction.

Your child can participate in campfires, cookouts, watersports, and explore other varied interests. In addition, they'll attend Bible study sessions, faith-based discussions, and other spiritually uplifting activities.

Brightside Academy Summer Camp

Brightside is an acclaimed educational services provider. The camp applies its proven methods to engage kids in academic subjects and help them develop the life skills they need to excel as adults.

Brightside Academy summer camp offers a supportive environment where your child can socialize, improve cognitive abilities, and enhance their physical and mental health.

If you're worried about your kids slacking or getting in trouble, enroll them in the Brightside Academy program. With a plethora of activities, sessions, and trips, the camp has all it takes to keep your ward engaged and busy all summer long.

Camp Wanake

Camp Wanake is a vibrant community of young believers who spend summer immersing in Biblical instruction. Your child will have trained counselors to guide their spiritual development and like-minded peers to share ideas with.

Camp Wanake is open throughout summer and runs multiple 5-day camp sessions. You can try out any of the shorter Discover and One Day Adventure camps to see if it's the right fit for your child.

While Camp Wanake emphasizes spiritual development, it has provisions for recreation. Youth can build shelters, visit frog ponds, watch stars at night, and canoe in Arnold Lake.

For Ohio city specific camps, check out our list on the top camps in it's capital city, Columbus.