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7 Best Jacksonville Summer Camps In 2024

jacksonville summer camps

Jacksonville, Florida is a family-friendly city with things to do with kids all-year round. It’s renowned for having one of the largest park systems in the United States and hosting three national parks. Apart from parks, there are plenty of museums and amusement parks for kids to explore all year round.

When school ends, summer camps are another awesome benefit of this city in North Florida. Camps give kids the chance to grow profoundly during the summer, both mentally and physically. Finding an appropriate and enriching overnight camps or day camps for your child can be quite a challenge. 

For incredible summer learning opportunities in Jacksonville, FL try some of these fantastic summer camps in the Greater Jacksonville area. 

Best Summer Camps In Jacksonville 

1. FALA Language Academy Summer Camp

At the FALA Language Academy, kids get to spend their summer completely immersed in the Spanish language. Each week children learn all about the culture, lifestyle, artists, and inventors from various Spanish-speaking countries.

At FALA Academy, children participate in camp activities like STEM projects, cooking, team sports, swimming, and dancing in a welcoming environment. Campers from all Spanish skill levels can attend, whether your child is completely new to the language or an advanced speaker. 

It’s a Christian-based organization run by experienced instructors, which gives your child a chance to become fully immersed in the language throughout their time at camp. The summer camp is suitable for children ages three to thirteen. The programs begin in June until July.

2. Jacksonville Zoo Camp

The Jacksonville Zoo offers summer day camps for students in K-8th grade. The camps run from 9 am to 4 pm each weekday, with before and after care options for working parents. Kids can learn everything from how to run a zoo, types of wildlife jobs, unique creatures, and all kinds of baby animals.

Children are also able to have exciting interactions with some of the animals and learn additional knowledge about them. There are multiple camp sessions that you can sign up children for, with each camp offering its own unique theme. It offers kids with quite an exciting adventure hard to find anywhere else.

The Jacksonville Zoo also has half-day programs for younger campers that are four years old. It’s one of the most educational camps in the city that you can sign children up for. The camp starts near the middle of June and ends near the start of August.

The Jacksonville Zoo is one of the best zoo’s in Florida and there aren’t many other camps in Florida that offer similar entertainment for kids.

3. Theatre Jacksonville Summer Camp

Theatre Jacksonville offers summer camps each year that allows children to immerse themselves in the performing arts. Kids can explore their brilliant passions, learn about live performance, and form lifelong memories and friendships at one of their specialty camps. 

Students spend summer days at camp learning about three significant areas of the theatrical arts — music, dancing, and acting. The day camp is structured so that students get plenty of time to work on each of these three areas, with different class sessions taking place throughout the schedule. Each camp wraps up the summer with a showcase that allows participants to show off their hard-earned skills learned during their fantastic time at camp. 

Each day camp session is three weeks long, allowing students to spend plenty of time digging deep into their learning material. Sessions are offered at the end of June and then in the second half of July. 

4. Jax Cooking Studio Summer Camp

By sending your child to the Jax Cooking Studio, they’ll come home with a whole new set of culinary skills ready to be put to use. Jax Cooking Studio offers cooking specialty camps in the Jacksonville area that are hands-on. This means kids spend each day in the kitchen cooking and learning from real chefs.

Each week has a different theme, so participants might learn about gourmet Italian cuisine one week and focus on baking the following week. Participants can try whatever they make at summer camp and bring home leftovers, so there are plenty of delicious treats to go around each day! Campers at the Jax Cooking Studio don’t just memorize recipes either. They learn skills like kitchen safety, food handling, food science, sustainability, and a parent’s absolute favorite — cleaning up after cooking! 

Kids can practice math through recipe following, teamwork by working with their camp friends, and creativity through designing their recipes or putting a fun new twist on an old classic. The cooking camps are offered all summer long, from June to August. It’s open to boys and girls ages six and above. The small class sizes ensure that each camper gets plenty of quality one-on-one instruction from their culinary instructors. 

5. The Art Garage Summer Camp

If you have a creative genius at home, the Art Garage is the perfect place for them to spend their summer. Art Garage camps are an excellent place for kids to try new techniques and learn a bit about art history. 

There are several different summer programs offered for kids of various ages and abilities. The Let’s Get Messy camp is an excellent fit for young children interested in art as a sensory experience. The Rembrandt Renegades is another exploratory program for young children in kindergarten through fifth grade. 

The adventures in acrylic summer camp for students 5th through 12th grade focuses on acrylic painting as a medium of choice and helps them hone their technique. For kids in 4th through 9th grade, the Creative Collective helps kids focus on their technique, try out a variety of artistic mediums, and get constructive feedback.

There are half-day and full-day camps, so whether your child is more interested in dabbling in the arts during the morning or spending all day diving in, they’ll have a chance to express their creativity and build their artistic skill. 

6. Jacksonville FC Summer Camps

At the Jacksonville FC Summer Camps, campers can access excellent soccer fields and experienced coaches to fine-tune their techniques.

The soccer sports camps accept children between the ages of 7 and 13. You can select from four or five day camps, depending on the needs of your kids.

There are two different sessions to help them based on their abilities. If your children are barely starting in soccer and want to improve their skills, they’ll want to go to the summer day camp. However, if your children are already skilled and have a competitive drive, you may want to consider enrolling them in the performance academy session.

It’s a great way for youth to stay active and focused during the off-season while building up skills. These sessions can help them hone their abilities and prepare them for the season’s start. In addition, each child can learn how to work on a competitive team.

It receives kids from all over Florida, so if you’re in any nearby city like Orlando, consider checking out their sports camps.

7. Camp Iceberg

Camp Iceberg is located southwest of the city center, near forests, and a small pond. Camp Iceberg has several sessions for high school students. It’s located away from the busy city, allowing campers the chance to focus on fun and devotion.

The summer camps offer several activities to challenge students in strength, teamwork capabilities, and individual progress. Students experience fun camp games of tug of war, obstacle courses, and sports, among other things.

They aim to help teens focus on their Christian beliefs while engaging in fun activities with like-minded peers. Students learn to depend on each other, discover who they are, and strengthen their ties with God while enjoying a summer full of fun and creativity.