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How To Play I’m Going On A Picnic Game

The classic “I’m Going on a Picnic!” game is traditionally played using letters of the alphabet. It’s a great way to involve a big group of people and keep everyone listening and engaged. There is no equipment needed, and it can be played anywhere, as long as participants can communicate with one another. The point of […]

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How To Play Simon Says Game & Helpful Ideas

Simon Says has been a playground and classroom game favorite for decades. It requires no equipment, and the rules are simple, making it a fun game for all ages. Listening and following directions are the main objectives, which translates into a learning experience. These types of educational games make learning active and fun for students […]

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How To Play Follow The Leader Game

Follow the leader is a great game for children that involves copying the movements of one person who is chosen to be the leader. Commonly also referred to as the copycat game, Follow the leader is a great children’s game or for kids of any age if you’re looking to keep them busy and entertained. […]

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How To Play The Alphabet Game On A Fun Road Trip

If you’ve ever been on a long road trip, you know that boredom can set in quickly. Having a fun game to pass the time is necessary, especially with kids in the car. If you can find one that requires no supplies and makes no messes? Bonus! The Alphabet Game is a simple, fun car […]

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10 Best ESL Games & Activities For Teaching English

ESL games are an excellent way for kids and adults to practice the English language and have fun at the same time. If you’re a teacher, these activities are perfect for the start of class and getting the students motivated or relaxed — especially before a tough subject or exam. You can even do them […]

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10 Best Guessing Games For Kids To Provide Endless Fun

Guessing games provide endless fun for kids and also serve as excellent educational activities. These types of learning games can help children improve their analyzing, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. A lot of them don’t require any supplies, so it’s easy to get started and play at any time. They’re excellent activities for families, teachers with […]

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I Spy Game Guide: How To Play I Spy

I spy is one of the most iconic games and renowned games that everyone loves to play. The game is convenient and can be played just about anywhere. Whether you’re on a long road trip with your children, teaching students in class, or on a hike, i spy is a great road trip game, and […]

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10 Best Water Gun Games To Keep Kids Cool

One fantastic way to keep kids entertained and refreshed is by participating in fun water gun games. They don’t require much setup either — all your kid need is a handy water gun, some friends, and a thrill for adventure.Whether they’re at a birthday party, sleepover, family reunion, or just a get-together, keep them having […]

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15 Fun Summer Camp Games For Kids

When we were kids, everything about going to summer camp was fun from packing our bags, singing endless silly camp songs, munching snacks with friends, and making unforgettable memories.  Nowadays, things are a little more challenging with all the tech the kids are using. You need to be more entertaining than the online game they’re playing, […]

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