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Fictional Summer Camps From Movies & Shows

The following is a list of summer camp names found in movies, television shows and books. 

Beaver Falls – From the British TV series Beaver Falls

Birchlake Camp For Boys – From the 1937 movie Make A Wish

Blue Triangle Nature Fun Time Camp – From the off-Broadway show Billy Witch

Box Canyon Boys Camp – From the 1971 movie Bless the Beasts and the Children

Campamento De la Guasa – From the Spanish film Campamento Flipy

Camp Algonkian Island – From I Want to Go Home, a 1981 novel by Gordon Korman

Camp Anaconda – From the “Nicole’s Big Adventure” episode of the TV show My Two Dads

Camp Anawanna – From Salute Your Shorts TV Show

Camp Arawak – From the movie Sleepaway Camp

Camp Athena – From the “Woman of the Year” episode of Parks and Recreation

Camp Atrocious – From the “Summer Camp” episode of the animated series Dan Vs

Camp Bart – From the “Kamp Krusty” episode of The Simpsons

Camp Bear Claw – From the movie Scout’s Honor

Camp Bear Claw – From the “Unhappy Campers” episode of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

Camp Beau Soleil – From the sketch French Camp in Saturday Night Live, season 5

Camp Beaver View – From the 1984 movie Gimme An ‘F’

Camp Blackfoot – From the movie The Burning

Camp Bleeding Dove – From the movie Happy Campers

Camp Bloomfield – From the movie Mask

Camp Blue Finch – From the 2015 movie The Final Girls

Camp Bottomout – From the movie Oddballs

Camp Broderick – From the “Brian Finch’s Black Op” episode of Limitless

Camp Bushwhack – From the TV movie Bunks

Camp Campingston Falls – From an episode of the animated series Home Movies

Camp Champion – From the Disney Channel show Bunk’d

Camp Chickami – From the TV show Hart of Dixie

Camp Chinapookee – From the “Send This Ensign To Camp” episode of McHale’s Navy

Camp Chipmunk – From the movie Party Camp

Camp Chippamunka – From the movie Kronk’s New Groove

Camp Chippewa – From the movie Addams Family Values

Camp Chippewa – From the “Bunk” episode of The Famous Jett Jackson

Camp Chippewa Beaver Falls – From “The Counselor” episode of Mr. Belvedere

Camp Clear Lake – From the TV movie Down Will Come Baby

Camp Cosplayover – From the Teen Girl Squad show on Homestar Runner

Camp Craftamonga – From the “Campers and Complications” episode of the Disney Channel show Austin & Ally

Camp Crystal Lake – Green Valley, N.J. From Friday the 13th

Camp Cucamonga – From the TV movie Camp Cucamonga

Camp Deena-hahna – From the novel Memory Lake

Camp Deer Song – From the indie movie The Summer Before

Camp Devine – From the TV show Camp Runamuck

Camp Driftwood – From the movie Daddy Day Camp

Camp Eden Lake – From the novel Eden Lake by Jane Roper

Camp Edgewood – From the novel Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons

Camp Evergreen – From the movie Standing Up, a movie adaptation of the book The Goats

Camp Firewood – From the 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer

Camp Firstbassawassa – From the Teen Girl Squad show on Homestar Runner

Camp Forest Green – From the movie Friday the 13th: Jason Lives

Camp Forever – From the novel Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons

Camp Friend-Indeed – From the 1989 novel The Night of the Moonbow

Camp Granada – From the Allan Sherman and Lou Busch song “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh”

Camp Green Line – From Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Camp Grindlestone – From the “Tale of Watcher’s Woods” episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Camp Half-Blood – From the 2005 fantasy-adventure novel The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, the first book in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series

Camp Halftime – From the Pepsi presents Camp Halftime web series

Camp Happy Hopes – From the Showtime show Shameless

Camp Hawkwood – From the “Camp Nowhere” episode of The Nightmare Room TV show

Camp Hendrie – From the “First Person” episode of Chasing Life

Camp Hiashwaka – From the 1951 movie Week-End With Father

Camp Hiawatha – From an ’80s Hyundai Excel commercial

Camp Hochelaga – From the 1990 movie Looking For Miracles

Camp Holadios – From the hellogoodbye 2006 music video for “Here In Your Arms”

Camp Hope – From the movie Heavyweights

Camp Hope – From the movie Camp Hell

Camp Horse Sense – From the 2010 movie Dear John

Camp Hollow – From the “Camp Addams” episode of the cartoon The Addams Family

Camp Hurrah – From the movie Cheerleader Camp

Camp I Can – From the book Summer on the Short Bus

Camp I Don’t Wanna Go – From the “Summer Cramp” episode of the animated series Carl Squared

Camp Inch – From the 1961 movie The Parent Trap

Camp Indian Hill – From the Philip Roth novel Nemesis

Camp Itchabite – From the musical Return to: Camp Itchabite

Camp Itchy-Owie-Bo-Boo – From the “Snappy Campers/Lucky Duck” episode of the Nickelodeon show T.U.F.F. Puppy

Camp Ivanhoe – From the Wes Anderson movie Moonrise Kingdom

Camp Iwannapeepee – from the movie Fred 3: Camp Fred

Camp Juniper Point – From the YA book Camp Boyfriend

Camp Kalterman – From the sketch Bug Juice on the Upright Citizens Brigade

Camp Kaya – From the movie Solo

Camp Kichi-Wawa – From the “Game On” episode of Faking It

Camp Kikiwaka – From the Disney Channel TV series Bunk’d

Camp Kipperman – From the movie A Pig’s Tale

Camp Kitchy Gooney – From an episode of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Magilla Gorilla

Camp Knock-A-Number – From the episode “Cody Goes to Camp” of TV show Suite Life of Zach and Cody

Camp Know Where – From Stranger Things 3

Camp Kobie – From the movie Magic Rock

Camp König – From the “Beaver’s House Guest” episode of Leave It To Beaver

Camp Kookalah – From the “Camp Kookalah” episode of the TV show Braceface

Camp Kookalookie – From the episode “Going to Camp” of Punky Brewster

Camp Lakota – From the episode “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night” of Full House

Camp Little Wolf – From the movie Little Darlings

Camp Machanga – From the “Teacup” episode of Man Seeking Woman

Camp Machnudin – From the 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer

Camp Manabe – From the movie Return to Sleepaway Camp

Camp Manitou – From Herman Wouk’s 1948 novel City Boy: The Adventures of Herbie Bookbinder

Camp Mapleridge – From the movie Houseguest

Camp Meadowlark – From the episode “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night” of Full House

Camp Merrie-Seymour – From the 2015 young adult novel The Alex Crow

Camp Miniwaka – From the 2017 Netflix series American Vandal

Camp Miniwakaga – From the “Hurricane Wanda” episode of Broad City

Camp Minnishwaka – From the 1951 movie Week-End With Father

Camp Mishancominga – From the 2014 movie Goodbye to All That

Camp Montebello – From the movie A Leap of Faith

Camp Motega – From the “Soon Your Own Eyes Will See” episode (Season 1, Episode 8) of TV series Slasher

Camp MVP – From the movie Heavyweights

Camp Naughty Bad Fun – What Steven calls his house with no adult supervision in the “Hyde Moves In” episode of That ’70s Show

Camp Nightmoon – From the “Welcome to Camp Nightmare” episode of the Goosebumps TV show

Camp Nippersink – From an ’80s McDonald’s commercial

Camp North Pines – From the movie Summer Camp Nightmare

Camp North Star – From the movie Meatballs

Camp Nowee – From the “Fish and the Fins” episode of Happy Days

Camp Nowhere – From the movie Camp Nowhere

Camp Okahatchee – From the 2015 young adult novel Proof of Forever

Camp Opinicon – From the animated series Ben 10 (“Camp Fear”)

Camp Oscawanna – From the “Marny’s Dad” episode of Guys With Kids

Camp Oskemo – From the movie GORP

Camp Pakuna – From the “Pop-pop:The Final Solution” episode from season 8 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Camp Pine Haven – From the “Summer Camp Secrets” books by Katy Grant

Camp Patton – From the movie Meatballs Part II

Camp Pine Ridge – From the “Bubblegum Incident” episode of Ellen

Camp Pinewood – From the TV movie Poison Ivy

Camp Placid Pines – From the movie Bloody Murder

Camp Pookah – From the MTV show Awkward

Camp Portland – From the “Mixologist” episode of Portlandia

Camp Q-Lightful – From the Q*bert segment of the animated series Saturday Supercade

Camp Quackawanna – From the “Love Loaf” episode of Breadwinners

Camp Radventures – From the TV show Aquabats! Super Show! summer camp episode

Camp Rainbow – From the summer camp episode of Today’s Special

Camp Ridgefield – The “other” camp on NBC’s dramedy Camp

Camp Rolling Hills – From the movie Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

Camp Runamuck – From the TV show Camp Runamuck

Camp Sasquatch – From the movie Meatballs Part II

Camp Sawyer – From a Cheerios commercial

Camp Sedona – From the movie Family Plan

Camp Shalom – From the short film How To Make It To the Promised Land

Camp Shenahwau – From the memoir Memory Lake (a true story with fictional camp names)

Camp Sherwood Forest – From the novel Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons

Camp Soonawissak – From the movie Summer Switch

Camp South Pines – From the movie Summer Camp Nightmare

Camp Spirit – From the Abby’s Camp Days book series by Jennifer Brady

Camp Stillwater – From the Freeform TV series Dead of Summer

Camp Stonewater – From the movie The Burning

Camp Sunlight – From “The Pact” episode of Touched By An Angel

Camp Sunny Smiles – From the animated series Camp Lakebottom

Camp Superior – From the movie Fred 3: Camp Fred

Camp Susquehawken – From Pretty Little Liars

Camp Takota – From the movie Camp Takota

Camp Tall Pine – From the Brock Cole book The Goats

Camp Tall Pine – From the movie Standing Up, based on Brock Cole’s book The Goats

Camp Tallpines – From the “Dennis Goes To Camp” episode of the TV sitcom Dennis the Menace

Camp Tamarack – From the 1957 film Marjorie Morningstar

Camp Tamatanga – From the “Bunk” episode of The Famous Jett Jackson

Camp Thundercloud – The Bob Newhart Show – Season 3, Episode 23

Camp Thunderhawk – From the movie The Rainbow Tribe

Camp Tigerclaw – From the 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer and the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Camp Tikihama – From the “Tuesday the 17th” episode of Psych

Camp Tokopee – From the episode “You Can’t Get There from Here” of the 1965 sitcom My Mother, the Car

Camp Tantrum – From “The Name” episode of The Middle

Camp Twisty Creek – From the BMW Ultimate Service commercial.

Camp Ujaama – From a sketch on Saturday Night Live

Camp Unity – From the episode “Veiled Threat” of King of Queens

Camp Victory – From the ABC Family TV show Huge

Camp Wahanawin – From the movie King of the Camp

Camp Walden – From the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap

Camp Wallumwahpuck – From the 2013 children’s book Like Bug Juice On A Burger

Camp Wamapo – From the “William Henry Harrison” episode of Parks and Recreation

Camp Wannamorra – From the James Patterson book Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli and Snake Hill

Camp Washiska Lake – From the young adult novel The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini

Camp Wauconda – From the 1984 movie Ghostbusters

Camp Wicawabe – From the Saturday Night Live sketch “Camp Wicawabe” on May 23, 2014

Camp Wiggen – From the TV movie The Acorn People

Camp Wiggin – From the novel The Acorn People

Camp Wannabe – From the episode “Camp Wannabe” of the TV show Weird Science

Camp Wannaweep – From the “Sink or Swim” episode of Kim Possible

Camp Wawanakwa – From the TV show Total Drama Island

Camp Weekawken – From the movie No Strings Attached

Camp Whispering Rock – From the video game Psychonauts

Camp Winnipesaukee – From Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and a Madden 25 commercial

Camp Winokee – From the “Opie Steps Up In Class” episode of The Andy Griffith Show

Camp Wonky Donky – From the “Big Time Secrets” episode of TV show Big Time Rush

Camp Yellow Jacket – From the 2015 horror movie The Hive

Camp Zion – From the movie Geronimo

Cedar Grove Fellowship Camp – From The Americans

Center Stage Camp for the Performing Arts – From the 2014 movie Stage Fright

Chippewa Arts Camp – From “The Prince of Nucleotides” episode of Royal Pains

FreeK Camp – From the books FreeK Camp, FreeK Show and FreeK Week by Steve Burt

High Feather Summer Camp – From the ’80s PBS program High Feather

High In The Wild – From the “Abbud” episode of Skins (U.S. version)

High Note Band Camp – From the “Lisa with an ‘S’” episode of The Simpsons (Season 27, Episode 7)

Idyllwild Crest School of Music – From the TV show The Fosters

Ivan Turgnovski’s Dance Camp – From the 2016 movie Dance Camp

Jenna’s Kids – From an episode of the TV show 30 Rock

Kamp Kikakee – From Ernest Goes To Camp

Kamp Krusty – From the “Kamp Krusty” episode of The Simpsons

Kamp Woody – From the 2004 movie Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

Lake Leopard Camp for Boys – From the movie Summertime Switch

Lake Tardicaca Camp for the Handicapped – From South Park episodes “Crippled Summer” and “Handicar”

Lakeside Water Ski Camp – From the movie Meatballs 4

Little Otter Family Camp – From the TV Show Camp

Lost River Camp – From the movie Piranha

New Beginnings – From the “Gay Camp” episode of Saturday Night Live

Point X Camp – From the movie Dishdogz

Poland Springs Caddy Camp – From the “Same Picture, Different Frame” episode of Route 66

Rock Creek Camp – From the 2016 movie Keeping Up with the Joneses

Second Horizons – From the TV Show Under the Dome

Shadow Falls Camp – From the Shadow Falls series of Young Adult novels by C.C. Hunter

Spirit-in-the-Woods – From the novel The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

Squaw Lake Bible Camp – From the movie A Simple Favor

Tall Pines Camp – From the movie Standing Up

The Enclave – From the movie Summertime Switch

Triple R Camp – From the Mickey Mouse Club Serial The Adventures of Spin and Marty

West Canyon – From the novel Yours Truly, Brad Sela by Alex Kazemi

Whispering Pines – From the Jen Calonita novels Sleepaway Girls and Summer State of Mind