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Best Summer Camp Directories

Summer camp directories serve as a useful tool for both parents and summer camp owners/directors. They can help people find local summer camps in specific locations. Whether they’re grouped by city, state, or country, directories can help you find the top summer camps in the area. They aren’t just useful to camp parents either, since […]

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10 Best Summer Camp Marketing Ideas & Strategies

Running a summer camp and attracting new campers is never relatively as easy as it seems on the surface. You would think that with a promise of endless outdoor activities for children and an opportunity to get away from “everyday life” for a summer selling a summer camp adventure would be effortless. That’s just not […]

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4 Best Camp Management Software Programs 2020

Camp management software can make administrative tasks for any type of camp business easy to handle. Camp management software can help with everything ranging from registering new campers, handling payments, hiring and keeping track of employees, viewing the state of camp financials and transportation management. As a camp owner or director, using camp management software […]

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How To Start A Summer Camp On A Budget 2022

The lifetime of memories that can be made at summer camp is next to impossible to make anywhere else. Summer camp changes the lives of the children that attend and even the lives of camp counselors and administrators that manage it. Summer camp presents a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to the outdoors and a world […]

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