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How To Play Black Magic & Impress Everyone

Black Magic is a great way to amaze and delight your friends and family! The game Black Magic is best played with an audience and a partner with the inside scoop on how the game works. It can be described as a fun mystery or guessing game. To play it, you need a partner who will conspire with you to convince the audience that you’re psychic or communicating telepathically with one another. The rest of the group is trying to guess how you did it. 

The scope of the Black Magic game involves having a partner leave the room while someone in your audience selects an object in the area. You then have your partner come back in, and after giving them a signal, they correctly guess the thing the audience member selected. 

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How To Play Black Magic

Step 1: Choose your fellow psychic

The first thing you need to do is choose one person to be your assistant since the game requires two people. Pull them aside and explain the plan and how the game works, otherwise inform them before anyone arrives so your audience doesn’t think there is a trick to it. You can mention to the rest of the group that you need a moment to connect on a psychic level with your partner. 

Step 2: Get your assistant on board with the plan

In your private conversation, explain to your partner that you will point out a variety of objects throughout the room and ask them, “Is this the object I’m thinking of?” Their job is to say “no” while they pay attention to the colors of the objects. The signal that the correct answer is approaching is once you mention a black object. The next item you point to after is the correct object. 

Step 3: Assure the group that the conversation is secure

Once you have explained the trick, go back to the group by yourself while your partner is in a separate room. Make sure there is no way for your assistant to hear the conversation with the group, as there is no need for that anyway. 

Step 4: The audience chooses the secret object

A volunteer then picks any object in the room. They can point to it or name it out loud. Explain that you can communicate a psychic message name of the right object to your partner telepathically. Make sure everyone in the group knows what the object chosen is except your assistant.

Step 5: Your assistant returns

Ask your partner to return to the room. Remind everyone else to keep the secret and let your partner prove their psychic powers and ability to read minds.

Step 6: Let the guessing begin!

Ask, “Am I thinking of <object>?” while gesturing to random objects throughout the place. Quite similar to i spy right? Ask this several times while your partner responds with a “no.” Your suggestions should NOT be black items until you’re ready to show your unique abilities. 

Step 7: Your assistant guesses correctly

After a few objects have been mentioned, choose a black object to ask about. They will respond “no” to the black item, but this signals to your partner that the next object is the correct one chosen by the audience. Once you ask, “Am I thinking of____?” on this last item, your assistant responds with a “yes!”

Step 8: How did they do it?

The last step gives the audience a chance to guess how you’re able to communicate this information. You can let them in on the secret or try again until they figure it out. To ensure the game can work again, check that there is multiple black objects in the room. Also, avoid repeating the same number of objects, so your friends don’t think you’re just doing it based on the number of things you mention. 

Black Magic Game Variations

To keep your audience guessing, you can switch up the signal to your partner. For example, you could predetermine a certain number of guesses beforehand or other secret signs. However, the problem with the number method is that a smart audience will quickly figure out if you’re just going based on the fourth object or whichever number you choose. This variation might work better with kids. You could also use a common gesture to signal that the next guess will be the “yes” answer. Try using different variations to keep the audience from guessing the secret to your psychic abilities. 

Often the color of the object is a great way to determine what the signal is since your audience will more than likely be paying attention to you to see if you make any coded gesture that gives it away and not the object itself. 

It's the perfect game to play if you want to amaze a group of kids at summer camp or in the classroom.