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Best Waterproof Tent For Camping In Rainy Weather 2022

If you love to camp and live in rainy weather, a waterproof tent is a must. Whether you're car camping or backpacking to a remote destination to set up camp, it's possible to enjoy camping in rainy destinations without getting drenched.

It's not just camping in the rain you need to worry about, but you might want a tent that protects you against sharp winds among other harsh weather conditions. Luckily, these waterproof tents are built to withstand that too.

Below, you can check out our top ten picks for the best waterproof tents. Then, we'll round off this article with a buyer's guide on features to consider and things to know about waterproof tents. This way, you'll know exactly which features to look for when selecting the right product for you and your camper friends.

Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent

The Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent is one of the top double wall tents if you're looking for a mid-priced option for a group of two or three. This shelter fits two adults and one child comfortably. It can house three adults, but your group will have to snuggle up close together. 

This structure from Hewolf is incredibly easy to set up for a camper of any experience level. Veteran campers can pitch it within a minute, and novices will only need about five minutes to get it set up. It features a dome pop-up mechanism, meaning you won't have to assemble any poles or fly sheets.

Don't want to close yourself off from the rain completely? You can turn this structure into a makeshift awning. Remove the inner tent, and it'll become a protective dome that your party can use to take shelter. But all the while, you can watch the raindrops patter against your natural surroundings.

While you can slide a mattress into this double wall tent, ensure that your sleeping pad is no more than eight inches thick. If you try to fit a bigger mattress, you'll compromise some substantial standing room.


  • Easy assembly for novices and veterans
  • Transforms into an open dome
  • Affordable compared to other options


  • Only fits an 8" mattress

Clostnature 1-Person Tent for Backpacking

Clostnature 1-Person Tent for Backpacking

Are you taking a solo trip into the backcountry? If so, you'll benefit from a compact one-person tent like this one from Clostnature. You can easily carry it from spot to spot on your back, as it weighs less than four pounds.

After a long day of hiking, the last thing you want to do is separate your clean belongings from your dirty ones. With this option, you don't have to since this tent comes with a vestibule. Simply use the included vestibule to leave your grimy shoes and clothes outside the sleeping area. Then, you can sleep the night away and worry about cleaning up in the morning.

This single wall tent is one of the best choices in terms of convenience. It comes with everything you need to pitch and transport it, including a carry bag, flysheet, the inner tent, two aluminum poles, 12 aluminum stakes, and four ropes. The setup process takes under five minutes, even for a beginner camper.

The rainfly is notably well-designed, as it's very soft and lightweight and offers great breathability. It keeps the rain out without leaving you feeling stifled.


  • Lightweight so perfect for hiking
  • Soft and lightweight rainfly
  • Comes with vestibule


  • Narrow design

V VONTOX 2-3 Person Lightweight Backpacking Camping Tent

V VONTOX 2-3 Person Lightweight

Like the Hewolf structure, the V VONTOX Lightweight Backpacking Camping Tent can house two to three people. Some solo campers opt for this product to have extra sleeping space at each site they visit or enough room for gear like your camping fridge or camping grill stove.

It's great if you have a large sleeping bag you want to keep inside too. And this product is also completely reasonable for an individual to carry. It weighs just over five pounds, so it's not much to add to your other camping gear.

This product is one of the best waterproof tents in terms of its design. It has a welded floor design that elevates the structure's bottom and sealed seams for extra protection. This clever layout helps you stay away from the wet ground and sleep or relax peacefully.

One of our favorite features is the included full coverage rainfly. It provides complete coverage for protection from rain droplets. It's removable, but we wouldn't recommend taking it off — you never know when a rain shower will pass through when you're in the great outdoors.

Just keep in mind that if you keep the rainfly on, you won't have a great view of the outdoors around you but it will give you excellent weather protection.


  • Waterproof and windproof materials
  • Provides great ventilation
  • Elevated floor design


  • The mesh windows aren't ideal for viewing the outdoors

Forceatt Tent for 2-3 People

Forceatt Tent for 2-3 People

This Forceatt Tent is also designed for two to three people, but it can really only fit two slim adults. However, it's one of the cheapest products on our list. If you don't mind a tight squeeze, this affordable product may be worth getting.

It's worth noting that this Forceatt structure is a great option for campers who care about appearances. It's available in five colors, including dark green, orange, yellow and more. You can choose the Green option to blend in with your surroundings or establish your presence with a louder color option like Yellow.

As far as water protection goes, this structure does an amazing job. It has a waterproof index (HH rating) of up to 3000mm and has undergone professional waterproof testing. You'll love the heightened floor design and the full coverage rainfly that provides enhanced extra protection against wet weather. 


  • High HH rating of 3000mm
  • Multiple colors available
  • Low price


  • Only fits two adults with small builds



If you don't want to leave anyone in your family behind, the CAMPROS Tent is one of the best tents available to you. It can house up to six people. While you can squeeze six full-grown adults into the shelter, the product will be more comfortable to sleep in if some of the campers are small children. Just don't forget a suitable sleeping bag for the young ones.

This water resistant tent comes with multiple accessories to help you set up and transport your tent. These accessories include an inside storage bag, a carrying bag, fixed stakes, and guylines. 

The tent's interior will stay dry under light rain, but it only has an HH rating of 1000mm. This lower rating means the tent is technically water-resistant, but not waterproof.

One potential downside to this tent is that it's much heavier than most other items we've reviewed. It weighs over 13 pounds, which is more than double the weight of some tents (like the 5-pound product from V VONTOX). However, the weight shouldn't be an issue — you'll have a whole crew by your side, so you can all take turns carrying it, or perhaps you might try car camping with it.


  • Fits up to six people
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Stays dry under light rain


  • Heavier than other tents on this list
  • Technically water-resistant, not waterproof

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

This Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent is just the tough product you need for any short camping adventure. Three or four people can fit in this tent comfortably, and it comes with two doors for easy access.

It's a good waterproof tents if you're experiencing a heavy rain on your camping trip due to its patented construction. It features high-grade Oxford cloth and fine workmanship to offer campers the highest level of quality. 

The unique setup is quite unlike the construction of most camping tents. All you have to do is take the tent out of its storage bag and pull it upward on the yellow bars. From there, the rest of the installation is automatic. To disassemble the entire tent, simply repeat the process, and the yellow bars can collapse. At this point, you can place the deconstructed tent in its carrying bag and get on with your trip.


  • Patented tent design & construction
  • Automatic (or close to it) installation
  • Fits up to four people


  • Not much standing room

Zenph Automatic Pop-Up Tent

Zenph Automatic Pop-Up Tent

While some of the products we've reviewed are advertised as pop-up, this Zenph Automatic Pop-Up Tent takes the phrase to a new level. Once you remove this product from its carrying bag, you can throw it up in the air — and it will set itself. You can put on a little magic show for the kids around you. Once you throw it in the air, it assembles itself within three seconds.

However, the entire tent isn't one of the most waterproof options due to its assembly. It has a three-dimensional ventilation system that strengthens the tent's air convection and promotes double ventilation. You and your fellow campers will stay cool even amid a humid summer day. All the ventilation outlets come with a two-way lock, meaning you can keep mosquitoes out but still promote airflow.

Unfortunately, it does not have a gear loft like some of the other options so you'll need something else for gear storage. 


  • Easy to store
  • Assembles within seconds
  • The external tent and the bottom of it are waterproof


  • Low height

MOON LENCE Instant Pop-Up Tent

MOON LENCE Instant Pop-Up Tent

The MOON LENCE Instant Pop-Up Tent is perfect for a small family. It accommodates up to five people comfortably and has four large windows for ventilation. Having this many people in a small space can feel overwhelming, but the ventilation of the windows makes the space much more breathable.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for harsh weather-resistant tents thanks to its dual zippers. These two high-quality SBS zippers are easy to close tightly, blocking out strong winds and persistent raindrops. Plus, the zippers feature a no-stick design, so you'll never have to tug hard on them to dislodge them.

One thing to note about this tent is its sole door. Most larger tents have two entry points to account for the additional occupants, but this product only has one. You may upset some tired campers when you're stepping over them to get to your side of the sleeping area.


  • Has four large windows
  • Provides excellent ventilation
  • Includes no-stick zippers


  • Only has one door

Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent

The Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent is a compact two-person tent that's great for the fall, spring, or summer. While it fits two adults, there may still be some space leftover depending on how much gear you have. Some campers can comfortably fit a small dog, too.

It’s an excellent waterproof tent for couples who like to get some serious hiking done in the rain, as it has two vestibules on the side. It's also a good option if you're hiking with kids. Campers can use these vestibules to place their muddy shoes out of the elements but keep them away from their other belongings.

Additionally, this tent comes with two doors for easy entry. If your camping partner or child goes to bed early, you can slip into your sleeping spot through the other door without having to step over them.

One drawback to this tent is its setup process. It may take some getting used to, as you'll have to insert the poles each time. But after a few trial runs, you'll be a pro at it.


  • Comes with a pole emergency repair kit
  • Provides enough room for two people
  • Convenient vestibules for additional storage


  • Requires a labor-intensive setup process

Gonex Camping Tent

Gonex Camping Tent

The Gonex Camping Tent is perfect if your camping group includes taller family members or friends. It provides 20% more headspace than the average tent, meaning your campers can move around as they please. Up to four people can reside comfortably inside.

This tent has an HH rating of 3000mm and features a water repellency membrane and coating. Whenever it rains, the droplets bead up and runoff, leaving you and your belongings dry as a bone.

The setup time takes around three minutes, and even beginner campers can easily set it up within that time. The pre-attached poles make the setup process simple, and everything buckles together within under three minutes.

One thing to be aware of is the included carrying bag for this product is a bit flimsy. The handle may break off after continued use, but a quick DIY fix can eradicate the issue.


  • More headspace
  • Has a water repellency membrane and coating
  • Quick setup process


  • Flimsy carrying bag

Waterproof Tent Buying Guide

Now that you're familiar with some of the top waterproof tent options, you may feel ready to buy one for your camping group. Before you do so, here are some key tent features to consider as you're making your purchase.

waterproof tents


Camping in a poorly ventilated tent is a recipe for disaster. It'll feel like you're sleeping in a cardboard box — the kind without holes poked into it. You want a quality tent that provides ample ventilation. 

Now, proper ventilation is essential, no matter the time of year. But it's imperative if you're in an area that's prone to hot, humid weather. With the proper ventilation, you won't feel suffocated. 

Ventilated tents also prevent the buildup of condensation and provide you with a cool breeze during the nighttime, especially those with a mesh ceiling. When you're shopping for a tent, look for one that features mesh fabric for ventilation.

Ideally, your shelter should also have two doors, multiple windows, and air vents, including a ground vent, that you can open without letting the rain sneak inside. The mesh material is essential for keeping mosquitoes and other unwanted pests outside.

HH Rating

You may be wondering what exactly is an HH rating, so here is an explanation.

HH stands for a tent's hydrostatic head. The HH rating is the measurement that manufacturers use to determine how waterproof a shelter is.

Without getting too detailed, this is how manufacturers make this determination. They start by filling a tube with water and placing the tent waterproof fabric underneath it. Once the fabric starts to leak, the manufacturer will measure the distance between the water and the material. They record this measurement in millimeters, and it provides them with the HH rating.

The top waterproof tents usually have a higher HH rating. So, a structure with a 3000mm rating is much more waterproof and can withstand rain more than a structure with a 2000mm rating. 

Generally, any shelter with an HH rating that's greater than 1500mm will be waterproof.

Note that, sometimes, a tent will have varying HH ratings for its different components. For example, the external tent fabric and floor can have ratings that differ by 1000mm or more.

Tent Construction & Design

There are many factors to consider when it comes to your tent's construction and design. For example, inverted seams and welded corners are crucial to keeping water outside the tent. 

A few key questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is the assembly process like?
  • Are there any vestibules or extra storage areas?
  • Is the floor removable?
  • Does it come with a rainfly?
  • What materials does the shelter feature (polyester, nylon, etc.)?

Tent Shape

A tent's shape plays a big role in its ability to guide water away from your sleeping area. The three main shapes are:

  • A-shape
  • Cabin-style
  • Dome

Cabin-style structures, like the Gonex Camping Tent, tend to collect water at the top. You may have to shake the water off every hour or so to prevent the top from caving in.

From our experience, the most efficient tents have a dome or A-shaped design. These designs allow the water to slide off the sides with ease.

One more note about tent shape: dome tents are excellent for providing stability in the presence of strong winds. The gusts sail right over the dome, meaning your shelter is less likely to topple over and acquire damage. So if your camping in cold weather with lots of snow, consider one of these types of tents. Otherwise, you can always go with a cold-weather tent to stay warm.

Wrap Up - You should never let a little rain shower cut your adventures short. Every camper should have a waterproof tent to help them stay dry during their journey. Fortunately, there is an abundance of waterproof tents to choose from to keep you dry and comfortable, even if you're stranded in a torrential downpour. If you don't have one, you can always learn how to make one waterproof.

As long as you keep these features in mind, you’ll find a tent perfect for camping in any weather. Don't forget to buy a tent heater if you're camping in cold weather.