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11 Best Tents With Stove Jack: 2023 Reviews

You can camp out in a minimal tent and indeed be one with nature, or you could invest a bit extra in your gear for a more comfortable or luxurious experience. Today many tents come with stove jacks that allow you to place a stove right inside.

If that sounds like something you’d love for your next camping trip, read on cause we’re going to look at eleven of the best tents with stove jacks plus everything you need to know about them.

What is A Tent With Stove Jack?

tents with stove jack

A tent with a stove jack is like any other tent, with one extra thing, a ventilation hole. The hole in the tent allows you to place a stove pipe through it so that the smoke will flow right out.

There are two main reasons for wanting a stove inside the tent. Having a stove inside your tent allows you to prepare meals much more comfortable. You can even use it to boil water to make coffee or tea, and on top of that, a stove will also help you stay warm if you’re camping in colder climates. As with tent heaters, a stove jack makes winter camping more convenient and comforting. 

With a stove inside the tent, you’ll be able to do those two things much more efficiently when camping. You won’t have to rely on a campfire to cook which tends to be less efficient at keeping you warm. 

11 Best Tents With Stove Jack

DANCHEL Cotton Bell Tent with Two Stove Jacket

This cotton bell tent by DANCHE offers two stove jacks. There's one stove jack on the top, and one by the sidewall giving you more flexibility on where to place your stove and the stove pipes.

Both stove jacks have a diameter of 3.9 inches, which will fit most stove pipes comfortably. When you're not using either of the stove jacks, you can cover it with the flaps built into the tent. The integrity of the canvas is maintained thanks to the professionals who did the stove jack design.

The manufacturer has put it through a very stringent testing process. Even in 500-degree temperatures, the tent did does not burn or melt. The tent is also incredibly waterproof, thanks to the rain cap and the tall bathtub design on all sides. The high quality material and how it's all put together ensures that moisture and water cannot seep through to the inside of the tent. Not only will you stay warm inside, but you'll also be dry and comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

The tent is also well-ventilated, which is essential when using the stove inside to breathe easily and avoid any problems with carbon monoxide build-up inside the tent.

WINTENT 4 Season Waterproof Teepee Tent with Stove Jack

WINTENT Teepee tent

The Wintent Teepe Tent is a one-of-a-kind yurt/teepee tent that offers a large enough room to the point where you can stand inside of it. Whether you're winter camping or summer camping, this 4 season tent that's big enough for four people is a great option. 

It arrives with a stove jack that's equipped, which makes things much easier and reduces setup time, especially for those who aren't too experienced with adding one to a tent. Compared to other tents with similar features, it's quite cost-effective, offering a great balance between quality and pricing.

It offers strong weather-resistance capabilities with an interior mesh that also keeps the bugs away. Although the 300D oxford fabric might seem quite lightweight, it keeps heat inside the tent without any issues so that you can sleep comfortably in cold weather.

UNISTRENGH Cotton Canvas 6M Bell Tent

The Cotton Canvas 6M Bell Tent by UNISTRENGH is made of cotton canvas, a fire retardant tent material. What makes it so good and one of the top camping tents is that fire-resistant material is included right around the stove hole itself. This provides extra protection against flames or any burning debris that might come out of the stove pipe.

The canvas tent itself is pretty spacious and luxurious. The inside can fit about 6-8 adults comfortably, and when not in use, you can pack the tent down into a small cloth bag, which makes it incredibly compact and portable.

Overall, the high quality materials used to make this tent are strong, safe, and breathable. This is an all-season tent that you can use throughout the entire year, which means you'll get loads of value out of it. Even when you use a stove inside, the tent is well-ventilated so you can breathe easily. As a helpful and safety tip, we recommend you put a fire mat below the stove. It has four windows and even four vents on the apex of the tent, which increases the amount of ventilation and fresh air. 

As one might expect, the tent is also waterproof. The cotton fabric canvas material does a great job of keeping water out, and the manufacturer has waterproof-treated the tent and taped over the stitch seams. What's more, the floor is made of PVC which prevents groundwater from seeping into the tent from the bottom. Plus a rain cap is also placed right at the top of it.

OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent

OneTigris Iron Wall Stove Tent

The OneTigris Iron Wall Stove is a durable and lightweight tent perfect for camping in harsh weather. It's important to note that it does not come with a stove jack, so you will have to buy it separately. 

However, due to its effectiveness and quality, it's well worth the added effort to buying one separately. Due to its tipi design, it doesn't weigh much, and it's quite easy to set up even for beginners. Despite the simple setup, it can hold its own against sharp winds and heavy rains. 

It's made up of 20D Nylon material that's waterproof and has excellent ventilation due to two windows close to the top of the tent. You can buy it in a brown or green color. Plus, it also comes with a bug mesh to protect you against them in warmer temperatures.

It's not as large enough as some of the other options, so it can only accommodate two people, but it's suitable for the price.

Russian-Bear Hot Tent

The Russian-Bear Hot Tent is designed precisely to be a warm and fuzzy tent in cold climates. This winter tent has an umbrella-style design with a dome-shaped frame. Inside, three adults could fit comfortably while staying safe from the surrounding environment.

To increase the fire safety of the tent, it uses heat-resistant fabrics. That fabric can withstand heat of up to 1200 degrees, and it’s also entirely removable. You'll be able to use this tent even during warmer months without the inside getting too hot. All you have to do is remove the inner awning to enjoy the cool summer breeze. As an all-season tent, you'll get loads of value by being able to use it any time of the year. Otherwise, here is a guide if you're looking for a summer specific tent.

The tent itself comes with a wood burning stove (don't forget to place a fire mat below it) and chimney made of stainless steel. To make it even safer to use, the chimney comes with an additional stainless steel ring that prevents it from coming into contact with the tent's structure. That way, the risk of a fire or any related accidents are reduced by even more.

Since it’s a 'Russian-style' tent, it's specially designed for use on the cold ground. You could even drill a hole in the ice and put a snow tarp on top of the tent. That’ll make it much easier for you to enjoy other winter activities like fishing.

WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

If you're a fan of 'glamping' or glamour camping, then this is the tent for you. The WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent is made entirely of Army Duck Canvas, which offers loads of fantastic qualities. It's water repellent,  UV resistant, and mildew resistant, and comes with a fire retardant finish.

The bottom line is that this all-weather tent will keep you warm and comfortable inside in full luxury.

The stove jack is more extensive than many other tents at 5 inches in diameter. That means due to it's stove jack design it'll safely fit most nesting pipes for most camping stoves on the market. You can cook and stay warm with a stove without having to worry too much, thanks to the fire retardant finish on the tent's materials. Still you might want to bring a fridge along for more camping food options.

Aside from that, the inside of this canvas tent is incredibly spacious. You can easily fit up to 4 people inside. The walls are high, which makes moving around inside very comfortable. You won't have to worry about hitting your head, and this tent also offers excellent ventilation. The breathable materials and the mesh windows and doors allow air to flow right through without a problem. The mesh will also keep all the bugs out so you can sleep in total comfort.

Best of all, you can pack this entire luxurious tent into a waterproof storage bag that's included with it. That makes it highly portable and easy to transport to your next glamping location.

POMOLY HEX Plus Hot Tent

The HEX Plus Hot Tent by POMOLY is another impressive tent made with 300D Oxford Cloth with a silver-coated layer. That combination of materials makes the tent better at keeping water out, resisting wear, and preventing tears.

The tent’s inside is spacious enough to fit three adults, which is a lot of space if you're camping with kids instead. One thing that makes this tent unique is that the cap is entirely movable, which is not something that you'll find possible with most tents, and the ability to move the cap means that you can improve the tent’s ventilation, allowing fresh air to flow through inside. This makes the tent much more comfortable and safer as well, especially when using a camping stove.

You can increase the ventilation further thanks to how the tent has a two-door design. Even if not for ventilation, having two doors makes it much easier for you to enter and exit the tent without bothering your tent companions.

The tent also has a stove jack on one of its sidewalls. The jack allows you to place a chimney or stove pipe right through it to operate a stove inside the tent. The stove jack itself is around 5 inches in diameter, which fits the stove pipes or chimneys from most of the wood camping stoves currently on the market.

Overall, this is a tent that offers loads of comfort for you and your family, even while using a wood stove for cooking.

Happybuy Bell Tent

This is a four-season Yurt-style tent made by Happybuy, and it's got loads of excellent features. It's made of a cotton canvas material that has also been waterproof treated. The materials are durable and will keep you safe and comfortable even when you face strong winds, heavy rains, and heavy snow. The strong steel frame and the ropes included have strong durability. 

The inside of this tent can fit up to five adults comfortably, thanks to its 9.8 feet diameter. If you're camping with kids, this is a great option. Don't forget to bring a camping chair for your kid too. 

Even if you pack this tent full of people, it's still highly breathable due to the mesh windows and doors. On top of that, the tent’s roof also has four openings that allow for better ventilation. Not only is this important for a good night's sleep, but it's also key for when you are operating a stove inside the tent. You won't have to deal with smoke, carbon monoxide, or any other kind of unpleasantness while inside the tent.

The hole on the sidewalls is big enough to fit the chimneys of standard camping stoves that you can buy almost anywhere these days. Best of all, this canvas tent is incredibly easy to assemble and take apart. All you need are fifteen minutes to either set up the tent or pack it up before heading back home.

Preself Tipi Hot Tent

If you prefer a teepee-style hot tent, then you'll love this one. The Tipi Hot Tent by Preself comes with a stove jack on the sidewall, and it's also very spacious for adults.

The tent uses highly-durable material with anti-tear 210T patterned polyester to making up the entire tent structure. This type of material is excellent at preventing tears, and it’s much better than Nylon. It also provides a high degree of waterproofing, so once you've secured this tent to the ground, it'll stand up to strong winds and heavy rains.

The tent has an Oxford Bathtub bottom to keep moisture and water from finding its way into the tent. At the same time, the mesh double doors and windows keep this tent fully-ventilated.

The stove jack diameter is large enough to fit the most widely-available wood camping stoves. Since it does have a little less space compared to some of the other tents on this list, you'll have to be a bit careful about how you arrange your tent. Be sure to keep your gear and anything flammable or combustible on the other side of the tent, away from the stove.

The tent provides loads of comfort while also accommodating your camping wood stove as well. With the excellent ventilation, you'll breathe easy even when the stove is on.

WHITEDUCK All-Weather Canvas Tent

You can use the WHITEDUCK All-Weather Canvas Tent all year round for glamorous camping trips with your friends and family. It is incredibly spacious, so you'll never feel claustrophobic while inside this tent. It also has a vestibule that covers the roof of the tent entrance.

The stove jack is 5 inches in diameter, which is more than enough to fit most camping wood stoves’ stove pipes. That’s not the best part, WHITEDUCK takes safety seriously so the stove jack also has a weather flap designed to put up with high temperatures. That weather flap will protect the tent from the dangers of burning debris or unwanted sparks and, therefore, prevent fires.

The tent’s canvas material is treated with a PFC-free breathable finish that does an excellent job repelling water, UV rays, mold, and mildew. With all that protection, you can use this tent all year round as it stands up to all weather conditions.

Inside, the winter tent includes a zip-in and zip-out groundsheet that's built for heavy-duty. It'll provide great insulation to keep you comfortable, and you won't have to worry about the cold ground on the outside coming through inside the tent. No need to worry about mud, water, or condensation.

The canvas tent material has double-stitches providing durability. It's easy to set up and even easier to tear down, meaning you'll enjoy luxury camping without breaking a sweat.

Ozark Trail North Fork Tent


The Ozark Trail North Fork tent is a large and spacious wall tent with one stove jack. It's great for all seasons, which means you'll get loads of value using it to go camping any time of the year.

This spacious tent can fit as many as six adults, which of course means much more space if you're camping with children instead. Tents offer more space than bivy sacks, so it makes sense to get a large one while you're at it.   

It uses a single-layer luxury outfitter material that includes a heavy-duty ripstop polyester canvas-like fabric. That material is highly-efficient at preventing the sun's heat from warming up the tent too much. Also, it does a great job of keeping water and moisture out of the tent. Together, that maximizes the comfort inside of the tent at all times making it one of the more comfortable canvas tents out there.

As for the stove jack, the hole in the tent measures about 5 inches in diameter. That'll fit almost any wood camping stove that you might bring with you. The cover of the stove jack is also zippered, which makes opening and closing a lot easier.

A tent with a stove jack isn't great unless it has enough ventilation. You still don't get as much ventilation as you would with a hammock, but luckily this tent is one of the best-ventilated ones on this list. It has two ceiling vents, two side panel windows, and even one large rear window.

What You Should Know About Hot Winter Camping

If you're going to go camping using a tent with a stove jack, there are a few extra precautions you should take. Here are a few essential things you need to be aware of when using a tent with a stove jack.

  • Use fire retardant materials if you’re buying a tent with a stove jack. It’s a good idea to invest in camping gear that’s made of fire-retardant materials.
  • Stove pipes of all kinds typically have a spark arrestor attached to them, which you should be routinely cleaning. This ensures that no burning debris flies out of the stove pipe and starts a fire outside the tent. Over time, the spark arrestor gets dirty and doesn’t do its job efficiently. To be safe, clean it before and after each trip. 
  • Have a fire extinguisher with you. Fire extinguishers are a cheap form of protection, so always pack a small one with you when you go camping.
  • Keep combustibles away. Since you’ll have a tent stove directly inside, you need to be wary of any combustibles. Keep them as far away from the stove as possible so that they’re not affected by the direct heat. This includes spray cans or any other type of combustible material.
  • Always keep your tent well-ventilated when using the tent stove. Tent stoves raise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in the tent. Remember that stove jacks and stove pipes remove smoke from the stove, so you need a way for clean, fresh air to flow into your tent at all times. This is not just a matter of comfort but also the importance of personal safety.