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10 Best Tents For Kids To Pretend Camp 2022

These days, an increasing number of parents work from home and spend more time with their kids. But how do you keep your kids entertained while you’re busy on another conference call? Play tents for kids is a great way to keep them active and happy, apart from sending them to a real overnight summer camp.

The top play tents for kids have certain factors that make them the top choice for indoor or outdoor play. Things like safety, ease of setup, and ease of storage are important. Here are seven of the best kids’ tents you can buy for your little camper, along with factors to consider before you buy one for them. 

Kid Tents Buying Guide

kids play tents

You can find all sorts of play tents available online or in local toy stores. Unfortunately, not all of them are good, and some are simply better than others. Three factors you want to take into account before you buy are safety, setup, and storage.

Tent Safety - The safety of a children’s play tent can involve many different things. One of the first things to look at is the material it’s made from. For example, polyester is a pretty safe material for children to play with. You also want to ensure no sharp components exist. Although there might be tent poles in some, they should be child-safe. 

Tent Setup - Consider what kind of complex setup might be necessary for the tent. This is less about the kids and more about the parents who will be the ones that put the tent together. Some tents require a highly complex setup, and that can be a big headache for you! Simply put, you’ll want to get a play tent that’s both easy to set up and equally easy to dismantle.

Tent Storage - You’ll also want to choose a tent that’s easy to store. Depending on your living situation and where you place the tent, there may come a time when you’ll want to take it apart and store it away.

Some designs are better than others when it comes to storage. After all, life would be much easier if the tent was compact enough to store in a closet or on a shelf rather than take up significant floor space.

Let’s cover some of the best tent options that exist out there. Each review covers what it all has to offer, features that stand out, and possible things that could be improved. 

Top 7 Tents For Kids 2022

Kids Teepee Tent for Kids by PLAYVIBE

The tent PLAYVIBE is a teepee-style tent that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s made of premium cotton without any allergens or chemicals in it, and the tent poles are made from Russian Pine that’s smooth and strong.

The materials used for this tent are child-safe. The poles are made from extra smooth wood, and the tent fabric is made from soft cotton. The extra blanket and other items in the package are of excellent quality and provide great value for the money.

Overall, this is a fantastic kids tent. It would be better if the installation guide was easier to read and if the tent was designed to be more sturdy. Your kids will love this tent, even if it might fall from time to time.

Space World Kids Tent by MountRhino

This multi-colored play tent designed by MountRhino is perfect for kids and toddlers who love extra space and in areas with enough space for it. It’s a spacious dome-shaped tent with enough room for at least two kids, plus toys and small furniture. The tent is suited for indoor and outdoor use, especially since it’s got an entire mesh top and vent to keep the air flowing.

It has an aesthetic outlook with unique designs printed on it. The space design is colorful and engaging, making it more fun for even the most imaginative child. Plus, this tent offers adequate safety for toddlers to enjoy it too. It includes very durable straps all around for the floor, curtains, and even side-door. This helps the tent remain secure and stable no matter where you put it.

The only limitation is that a taller child might not be able to stand inside. 

Kids Play Tent by Avrsol

This tent by Avrsol is designed for kids who love castle-fairy themes. It’s made from polyester and has plenty of room inside for all sorts of play! Best of all, it comes with two mesh windows to add to the fun while also letting in lots of natural light and air.

This toddler tent is foldable and easy to set up, which is quite convenient if you need to take it down at any point. The tent theme is a good way to let your child have some imaginative play time. The toddler playhouse makes it simple for kids to either play, lay down, or even read inside.  

Rather than have a zip-up flap, this tent comes with an open curtain as its entrance. That’s not too much of a problem, though some kids might prefer having a little bit more privacy while they play. But to be fair, the open entrance also makes it easy to supervise kids. 

You can also turn it into a bed tent by adding a small bed inside. There are some toddler beds for camping that might be able to fit inside it too.

Princess Castle Play House by ORIAN

The Princess Castle Play House by ORIAN is well-known for its high durability and bright colors that make it stand out. It’s made from high-quality polyester, making it easy to clean off with regular household cleaning solutions.

To ensure your child plays in a safe environment, it’s ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), and FCC certified! That’s a strong enough endorsement for a parent’s peace of mind. One of the downsides is that the tent poles might not be as sturdy as others on this list.

Add some stuffed animals inside to create a more welcoming environment and fun place. 

Kids Super Duper 4-Kid Dome Tent by Pacific Play Tents

Pacific Play Tents also makes this list with their Super Duper 4-Kid Dome Tent. It has plenty of mesh windows and panels, making it a very well-ventilated tent for kids to have fun in. 

Unlike other options on this list, this one comes with fiberglass tent poles which offer a longer lifespan for the tent overall. One of the things that stands out about it is that it has a very straightforward and no-frills design, which kids love playing in. That means your kids will be able to let their imagination run wild when playing. Plus, the hard-to-break fiberglass poles also score extra points for durability. 

The front door of this tent is secured using Velcro straps. This might be a matter of personal choice, but sometimes zippers are a better option, so they won’t come open by themselves if a child accidentally pushes against them.

6ft Teepee Tent Playhouse by scriptract

This option by Scriptract is another teepee-designed tent. If you’re a fan of natural materials, you’ll like this option as it has pinewood poles and 100% cotton canvas. Plus, it comes in a black, white, grey, or white striped exterior, making it visually pleasing and giving you options for appearance.

The home itself has an excellent overall natural feel. The teepee design, combined with natural wooden poles and cotton, all come together to make children feel closer to nature, even while just playing inside. 

Even though the stripe design on the exterior is excellent, it would be better with brighter colors instead of just black and grey options. After all, these tents are for kids, and children are more stimulated by bright and happy colors.

Rocket Ship Pop Up Kids Tent by USA Toyz

There are teepees and castle-themed tents, but this one is perfect for those who love spaceships. This pop-up tent is shaped like a rocket, complete with rocket fins along the exterior. The tent is made from polyester and offers enough space to fit at least three children inside. It's a great way for kids to have fun and developer their motor skills playing with other kids. They're never too young to learn things. 

It’s spacious enough to have more than one child, and the design just makes it fun for kids to spend their time playing. On the other hand, parents can appreciate that this tent is easy to clean and set up. 

Although the tent can fit several kids inside, the diameter is a little limiting. You might not be able to fit other things inside like kids’ furniture.

Once kids grow older, consider buying a real tent for camping or some hiking shoes to bring them along your hiking adventures. If you want something comfortable for them to sleep in when you actually do it, consider a camping cot.