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6 Best Online Tutoring Services For Students 2022

As students begin to enter the world of online schooling, tutoring sessions might be needed for those who are struggling to adapt to this new way of learning.

Finding online tutors can be expensive for students and their families, especially in these difficult times. Luckily, there are plenty of free online tutoring services and platforms that will help you or your child do better in school at no extra cost to you. Whether your child is homeschooled or attends public/private school, additional online tutoring is helpful to any student.

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Top 6 Online Tutoring Services


The team over at LearnToBe.org has helped tutor thousands of K-12 kids since 2012. They are a non-profit that offers 1 on 1 free online tutoring to children in underserved communities. They also work with students that have disabilities and financial needs. Composed of more than 1500+ volunteer tutors at different education levels, they are ready to help you get or your child get better grades in school. They focus on tutoring core subjects like reading, writing, science, and math. The average LearnToBe student tends to see a 15.8% test score increase and a 1.6 GPA increase after starting. 

Ivy Camps USA

Ivy Camps USA tutoring services have a strong focus on your child's success. All of their tutors come from Ivy League institutions and other top ten universities in the United States. As a byproduct of their rigorous academic training and impressive professional backgrounds, their staff is equipped to provide children with an online tutoring experience that challenges them creatively and intellectually.

The Ivy Camps USA tutoring program is structured to meet a variety of different needs. This includes things like academic and homework help, accelerated skill development, standardized test preparation for tests like the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and more. Plus, they have mentorship programs for high school and university applications.

After each tutoring session, feedback is provided to the students so growth can continue and progress can be tracked.


School Yourself offers a unique platform for students who are looking for free online math tutoring. The platform offers free interactive 1 on 1 experiences, lessons, and easy online access making it very convenient for students. With the technology used by the platform, it can detect what areas the student needs the most help with and provide personalized assessments for them based on it. With lessons created and delivered by Harvard instructors, School Yourself is one of the best free online math tutoring platforms.


Tutor.com offers free online tutoring to eligible military families. Known as one of the best online tutoring platforms in general, they provide live expert tutors 24/7. All tutors, which include includes college professors, teachers of different school levels, and graduate students are carefully selected and screened. They provide tutoring services in 100+ subjects which include all the core subjects plus more like computer science, nursing, and finance. 


UpChieve offers a completely free online platform for underserved high school students. They even offer late-night sessions for high school students who are in a rush and need help finishing their homework. As they put it, their goal is to help students in low-income areas achieve upward mobility by supporting them in their educational goals. All the tutors are volunteers recruited by UpChieve who are both trained and certified by them. Students can connect with a live online tutor within 5 minutes of joining. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has quickly become one of the most well-known websites in the world helping out over millions of students every year. They offer pre-recorded classes. Although it's not your typical 1 on 1 free tutoring service, Khan Academy offers free courses on just about any school subject out there. They have enough videos, that anyone can essentially tutor themselves by watching them. It's a great choice for kids who are looking for a quick after school lesson on a subject they might need more help with.

While not available in every area, several libraries have existing partnerships with large tutoring services like Brainfuse and Tutor.com (if you don't already qualify for free). All that is needed is to sign up is to use the link provided by the library and the numbers on your library card. It is worthwhile to reach out to the libraries in your area and ask what existing partnerships they have with tutoring companies.

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