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Best Online STEM Classes For Kids In 2022

As your children begin to explore potential career paths, STEM has likely been a notable and popular option. There’s no doubt that STEM careers offer some of the best opportunities in terms of job openings and salary.

Despite the work being challenging at times, STEM jobs are in high demand. The demand for professionals has led to an increase in programs that teach people of all ages about STEM, especially children. 

Kids who learn about these topics before college tend to have an easier time during their courses than the rest of their peers. These are some of the best online STEM classes you can sign your kids up for. 

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iD Tech

iD Tech offers some of the best and most advanced STEM courses out there for kids ages 7 to 19. The company has over 23 years of experience teaching children and offers both online and in-person programs around the United States. 

iD Tech offers courses like Minecraft and Roblox design, as well as coding with Scratch and VEX Virtual Robotics. The 10-12 crowd can enjoy more advanced lessons in modifying Minecraft with the Java programming language and designing arcade games with Python. Older students ages 13-19 can enjoy learning more advanced Python coding and Java programming concepts, as well as C++.

It’s not just coding either, since there are also animation, entrepreneurship, VR, and many other classes for which students can sign up. While each class has a well-prepared curriculum, their amazing instructors from elite universities ensure that your child succeeds in their class. 


With online coding classes for children ages 8-18, CodeWizardsHQ is a great choice for parents looking to prepare their children for a career in computer science. They’ve been helping children learn more about programming for years and have a 93% student success rate. 

Through their live classes, students can learn about a range of topics, including web development, databases, game development, and more. The instructors are taught the best ways to help campers learn to code while also making everything fun and keeping them engaged. 

CodeWizardsHQ offers a number of online programs split into categories for different ages, including 8-10, 11-13, and 14-18. Each age category is split into three levels, with more difficult topics being discussed at the third level. This shows a dedication toward meeting kids and teens at their level of ability and challenging them appropriately. 

CodeWizardsHQ also has an internship program for older teens where they can work on a real-world project. It can be a great addition to put on a resume for a college application or future job application.

Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy offers an extensive library of technology classes covering subjects like computer science, game development, animation, and even entrepreneurship. It was founded way back in 1999 by Stanford students looking to offer technology education to younger students.

They offer programs all year round, with classes during the school year and online STEM summer camps during the school break. There are also self-paced online courses for kids who want to learn on their own time and speed.  

Creative students can sign up for courses on filmmaking and video production, Beatmaking with Ableton,  and Digital Drawing and Design. Meanwhile, students interested in a computer science career can take classes on Data Science, Machine Learning with Python, and Web Development with HTML & CSS. 

The company tends to partner with large universities across the United States to offer quality courses like their NYU Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Whether your child is a technology enthusiast, artistic, or business-savvy, you can easily find a class that matches their interests with Digital Media Academy. 

Create & Learn

Create & Learn was created by a group of experts from Google, Apple, Stanford University, and Harvard University. With several computer science classes for K-12 students in over 25 countries, youth can receive high-quality education from some of the top STEM instructors.

Create & Learn has a number of classes available for grades K-12. Some top highlights include building websites, Python programming, Minecraft modding, game development with Unity and Roblox, and Scratch coding. Adolescents can also learn advanced topics like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.  

Each class is limited to a small group of five students, so everyone gets sufficient attention and can ask the instructor questions when they need help. With multiple class options, children can find the times that best fit their schedules. 

One of the main tenets of Create & Learn is its focus on developing children's creativity. While some curriculums simply hammer in the principles of STEM, Create & Learn makes sure to pay attention to the creative aspect to help drive their work forward. Original ideas, creativity, and ingenuity are what drive STEM careers forward.


CodaKid teaches children how to code in different programming languages through games and apps. They utilize popular video games like Minecraft and Roblox to help kids learn valuable programming skills. Since they first opened back in 2016, their programs have taught thousands of students in different countries essential computer science skills. 

Some of their online STEM courses include Minecraft and Roblox development, as well as more traditional coding courses in Python, Scratch, and Javascript. Apart from live classes, there are many kinds of programs offered by them, including self-study, tutoring, and programming summer camp options.

With a project-based learning approach, students create games they can play with their friends and useful software, so they're implementing what they learn into action. Instructors are always there if students have questions or need help from an expert. 

CodaKid also offers specialty courses in things like drone programming, web development, and computer basics for young students. There is a free trial that your kid can sign up for before committing to them. 


With a focus on mathematics, Brighterly helps improve math skills and knowledge. Their STEM programs for Pre-K through 5th-grade students hinge on the belief that math should be fun. Instead of teaching it monotonously, teachers use games and teach energetically, so students get the most out of their learning. 

They’re very attentive to the relationship between parents and teachers when teaching children. Every child is different, and they know that communication needs to be maintained to ensure kids are getting what they need. Unlike other options, you can set the schedule and time that fits the best for your child. 

Brighterly offers three separate plans: 8 classes, 24 classes, and 48 classes. Each has its own benefits and additional features, but the more classes you order, the more you save. There is a placement test that takes place so that your child gets taught the correct knowledge and lessons before moving on to more challenging material. 

Brighterly does offer a free math class as a demo for your child to try before continuing. 

Juni Learning

Juni Learning provides a diverse mixture of online classes involving STEAM and other topics like writing, business, finance, and reading. 

You can choose the best format that fit’s your young ones learning style. There are self-study programs, virtual camps where they learn with other peers, and one on one learning. Each of these has a different cost to match your family's budget. 

Juni Learning takes an efficient approach to learning by helping children implement what they learn through fun projects. All their teachers are hired from elite universities and receive training for the job. There are also after-class office hours, so anyone can ask questions if they need additional help.

The class curriculums are designed by professionals, and Juni Learning welcomes students of any skill level, from beginners to intermediate. Kids can also form study groups with other learners from around the country to make new friends and work together on projects. 

Course graduates receive a certificate of completion at the end to show their success.

Splash Learn

If you want your child to improve their math and reading scores, then Splash Learn is an excellent choice to consider. The company offers virtual live classes where kids can get expert instruction from math and reading teachers. The courses are open to students from pre-k up to 5th grade. 

Splash Learn has its own custom mobile application where students can improve their skills through fun games and customized paths based on their current abilities. Through their online tutoring program, kids in small groups limited to five students are taught subjects through hands-on learning exercises and games. The interactive lessons help keep your child engaged and retain the knowledge they gain. 

The sessions are recorded so children can always go back to what was taught during class. All the tutors are certified instructors trained to adapt to your child's learning process. They also determine your kid's ability levels to ensure they start learning at the right starting point. Whether your young one wants to practice their fractions, geometry, counting, multiplication, or division, you can find a course suitable for them.


Tynker is one of the most well-recognized STEM education companies that has helped millions of kids learn to code, and thousands of schools teach programming in their classrooms.

They teach coding lessons to young kids and teenagers ages 5-18. Some programming languages taught are Javascript, Java, Python, and more. There are courses dependent on the user's age and ability, from beginners to those more experienced.

Children can select from Block Coding or Text Coding to find whatever option suits them the most. It’s gamified, so children can participate in daily missions, puzzles, projects, and community games to improve their STEM skills. There are self-paced courses as well as instructor one-on-one lessons. 

They have three mobile apps for students who sign up with them, including Tynker Junior for younger learners, Tynker for ages 7-13, and Mod Creator for Minecraft gamers. Each app has its own courses that teach in a fun manner through games and voice instructions.  

National Geographic

National Geographic actually offers its own immersive and free STEM courses to children. Their explorer classroom connects young students with field experts from all over the world.  Some of the past classes include lessons on astronomy, marine biology, environment, and more.  

Signing up for classes is free, so you don’t need to pay anything. The events are hosted every now and then and are aimed at kids ages 4-14. While it’s free, it doesn’t offer as many classes as some of the other choices. 

Each course also has a custom guide so that questions can be prepared in advance and kids can learn about the subject beforehand. Students also get to chance to interact with other peers to form friendships.