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10 Best Educational Toys For Toddlers & Kids 2022

Kid's toys don’t always get the praise they deserve. While some toys are more educational in nature than others, they all tend to help foster a child’s imagination.

Learning doesn’t always mean sitting in front of a classroom, nor does it have to be dull. If you want your toddler or kid to have a different relationship with learning and create a strong educational foundation at a young age, educational toys are a great solution. They teach your child that learning can be fun.

We've scoured the internet for toys that combine knowledge and excitement. We put them through testing with kids at summer camps and in classrooms. Check out our top educational toys recommendations and discover how to make education fun for your kids! 

Top 10 Educational Toys For Toddlers & Older Kids



Think of ROYBI Robot as a more kid-friendly version of Alexa. It's a seemingly all-knowing durable toy designed to provide information.

ROYBI Robot features more than 500 personalized educational lessons to help your child develop their problem-solving and creative thinking skills. It covers various topics to spark your little one's interest, including geography, astronomy, chemistry, literature, and mathematics. 

ROYBI Robot is one of the best educational toys to track your child's learning progress. The robot's AI-generated reports let you check specific stats, like how many words your child learned that week.

It has voice and face recognition capabilities, and the battery life is around 8 hours. It does only support one child per device.

Little Genius Starter Kit for Fire Tablet from Osmo

Little Genius Starter Kit for Fire Tablet from Osmo

The Little Genius Starter Kit for Fire Tablet from Osmo is truly revolutionary. It provides an interactive play station that translates to the screen in front of them. On top of the included play mat, your child can build numbers, shapes, and letters using the included colorful rings and sticks. 

They can see their creation take form digitally right in front of their eyes. No Wi-Fi is required for this tablet, and it reacts to real-life movement. Plus, it incorporates costume parties and storytelling for added fun. 

It’s suitable for kids ages 3 and 5+. It observes and analyzes a child’s action then provides feedback, which helps children gain a stronger understanding of things. The different ways to learn things offers endless entertainment and education for kids without becoming too repetitive.

Check these other learning tablets for toddlers.

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog from Learning Resources 

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

If you're looking for something less high-tech, Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog is another excellent option. 

This plastic shell and included multi-colored quills can quickly become your child's new best friend. The concept of the whole toy is pretty basic: the child sticks the quills into the holes. This seemingly simple practice establishes many solid foundations for your child. It improves fine motor skills, muscle strength, counting, and color identification.

The pieces are easy to grasp, it’s low cost, and the size makes for easy storage. However, it is best for children above two years old. 

Planet Voyagers from SimplyFun

planet voyagers

Is your child fascinated by the wonders of outer space? Indulge their curiosity with the Planet Voyagers board game! It's an exciting race from the Sun to Neptune where players claim their spot as the top space explorer.

Players earn points by assessing their position relative to other players and calculating future moves.

Planet Voyagers is one of the top STEM toys for teaching Earth and Space Sciences and honing investigational skills. It encourages critical thinking and has extended-play options that incorporate math problems.

It’s recommended for older children ages 8 and above.

Design & Drill See-Through Creative Workshop from Educational Insights

Design & Drill See-Through Creative Workshop

Never had a knack for working with tools? Give your child a headstart with this Design & Drill See-Through Creative Workshop. 

This product keeps kids learning even when they're not in the classroom. It comes with 120 plastic bolts in multiple colors, a toy drill, three drill bits, a combination wrench, a hand screwdriver, and a durable activity board.

Your kid can build to their imagination's content or create designs inspired by the activity cards. This toy develops fine motor, math, and pattern recognition skills. It includes activity cards for instructional use.

Brickyard Building Blocks STEM Toys & Activities

Brickyard Building Blocks STEM Toys & Activities

Developing your child's STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) skills has never been easier than with the Brickyard Building Blocks. This STEM toy set comes with more than 160 pieces that your child can use to build models of airplanes, helicopters, bicycles, and animals. 

Your child won't know it, but they'll be working on their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and problem-solving skills. Plus, the large set means they can play with up to three other children and develop their ability to work with a team.

The Brickyard Building Blocks set is one of the top educational toys for bringing teamwork, fun, and learning together. It has a wide age range of 3-7+. There is a design book for added inspiration and has non-toxic pieces (free of lead, BPA, and other contaminants). This toy makes for a great thing to do after school.

Apitor SuperBot

Apitor SuperBot

The Apitor SuperBot fosters early interest in coding for your child. The product features a central control unit, two infrared sensors, two built-in motors, and more than 400 building blocks. 

The set comes with more than 15 pre-designed robots to help with the building process. Plus, the 2-D instructions are easy to follow and help your child develop better concentration and space imagination skills.

The most intricate parts of this toy are the graphical programming options. Your child can use the toy's sensors to program the miniature vehicle to move in any direction and respond to voice commands.

Along with the toy, you also get free online learning resources, and no prior knowledge of programming is necessary. You can even share projects with others in the same Wi-Fi network. Some of the projects are best for children 12 years old or older.

Zingo Bingo from ThinkFun 

Zingo Bingo from ThinkFun

This isn't the same boring old bingo game at grandma's community center every Sunday. Zingo Bingo is a fun, fast-paced game that helps children develop their matching and language skills. 

The game works somewhat like traditional bingo but with a playful twist. The unique Zinger device reveals the cards (marked with words and pictures) one by one. Each player marks relevant matches on their play card and hopes to get a diagonal line, an X, or a square, depending on the desired outcome.

Even though Zingo Bingo doesn't make everyone a winner, it's one of the best educational games for large groups of younger children since up to seven players can play at once!

Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

You can give your child a solid educational foundation by posting the Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart in their room. It helps children develop word association, learn the alphabet, and recognize the first ten numbers. 

This plaything built with tear-proof material is space-saving and makes a great addition to a child's everyday routine. They can play when they wake up, before bed, and anytime they walk past it. Even five minutes a day spent studying this chart can help a child get ahead of their peers.

To hold your child's interest, this wall chart can also play nine popular children's songs. Your child can sing along to classics like the ABC song, Three Little Kittens, and Wheels On The Bus to make learning fun. Plus, it includes quizzes too. If used a lot, you will need to change the batteries.



If you have a young future paleontologist in the home, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Fossil Dig Kit is an excellent choice. This toy set contains real fossils of ammonites, sharks, and dinosaurs that your child can excavate from a large brick. They'll use a brush, chisel, and magnifying glass to uncover the treasures the kit has to offer.

And, it's not all about the digging. This kit comes with a full-color learning guide to the fascinating facts and history of what they're discovering. It’s the perfect educational toy for outdoor lovers and comes with multiple tools for easy discovery. It can get quite messy so just keep that in mind. 

Other great educational toys that inspire a music creativity in kids are pianos