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10 Best Camping Fridges: 2023 Reviews

Let’s face it — not everyone enjoys rugged, no-frills camping. It’s only natural to want to bring the comforts of home into the great outdoors. A camping fridge is perfect for road trips in an RV, overnight camping adventures, picnics and other outdoor outings.

If you want to keep fresh food and beverages ice cold, these portable refrigerators are a fantastic solution. Here are ten of the best camping fridge products you can buy. With these high-tech options that let you control the inside temperature among other things, you won't be disappointed. 

best camping fridge

1. SetPower AJ30

SetPower AJ30

The SetPower AJ30 comes with tons of features at a reasonable price. For instance, consider its compatibility with multiple power sources. You can use the included AC and DC cables to connect it to outlets, carports, portable power stations, and even solar systems. 

We also like that it helps you out when you need cold drinks fast. This camping fridge quickly reaches the desired temperature via MAX mode. If you have limited energy outside, take advantage of the ECO mode. 

Need to disconnect from your power source for a little while? Don’t worry — the 3.1-inch thick insulation layer and secure latch alone will keep your food cold for hours. 

Our only complaint is that the SetPower AJ30 runs at 45 dB. It’s a little loud, but as long as you can get over this white noise, it’s the perfect option for your next camping trip. 


  • Compatible with multiple power sources
  • Features efficient MAX and ECO modes
  • Keeps food cold for hours after disconnecting from a power source


  • Runs a little loud (45 dB)

2. Dometic CFX28

Dometic CFX28

Dometic is a well-respected camping fridge brand. As such, its CFX28 model is no disappointment. 

The CFX28 can get as cold as -7 °F and comes with two separate compartments, each temperature independent. That means you can make one a freezer and one a refrigerator. Or, you can make them both freezers or both refrigerators.

This model comes with wire baskets for organizational purposes. However, feel free to remove them if you want to make more room. 

A simple yet significant detail we like is the interior LED light. When you go to get a late-night snack, it’s easy to see all of your options. And if you happen to knock over a soda during your midnight raid, the built-in drain plug makes cleanup a breeze. 


  • Two temperature-independent compartments
  • Interior LED light
  • Built-in drain plug


  • Somewhat heavy and awkward to transport

3. AstroAI Portable Freezer

AstroAI Portable Freezer

It’s hard to find a high-quality camping fridge at this price, but the AstroAI Portable Freezer doesn’t disappoint. 

This 12 volt camping fridge is perfect for adventurers on a budget. It comes with a 12/24V DC and 100V to 240V AC adapter so that you can hook it up to your car battery, RV, or a portable power bank. 

A powerful compressor means the camping fridge starts cooling your food quickly. Using the simple LED display, you can adjust the temperature (anywhere between -4 °F and 68 °F). 

The best part is that it won’t drain your RV battery (if that’s how you choose to power it). Thanks to built-in battery protection, it will shut off as soon as the power reaches its threshold. Plus, you can also charge your phone through its USB port.

The 16-quart camping fridge is smaller than other models — however, it is easier to transport for those who like to pack light. 


  • Affordable
  • Simple LED display for easy temperature adjustment
  • Built-in battery protection


  • Smaller than other models

4. Setpower TC35

Setpower TC35

The Setpower TC35 is another model worthy of praise from this same brand that efficiently stores cold air inside the portable fridge and keeps your food fresh. 

This camping fridge has a storage capacity of up to 37 quarts — that’s equivalent to 52 soda cans! Of course, it’s perfect for storing other items such as fruits, veggies, and meat. It's perfect if you're going 

Despite its large capacity, it’s portable, thanks to two detachable wheels. The sturdy inset handles also make it easy to carry. It's built for car camping as it doesn't take up too much space and it has a low power consumption, so you can hook it up to your car battery if you need to. 

The digital panel is resistant to the elements and gives you digital controls with complete temperature control. Additionally, the reversible lid allows you to access the electric cooler even in the tightest spaces. 


  • Comes with two detachable wheels
  • Sturdy inset handles
  • Reversible lid


  • The temperature gauge may display inaccurate readings at times.

5. Smad 3 Way Caravan Propane Fridge

Smad 3 Way Caravan Propane Fridge

The Smad 3 Way Caravan propane refrigerator looks more like a traditional refrigerator than the other models on this list, as it opens from the side rather than the top.

What’s particularly unique about this upright fridge is that it runs on propane. But if you prefer, you can hook it up to 12 volt or 110 volt power sources. Take note that you should only use one power source at a time. Also, it's important to note that it's not the portable refrigerator compared to other options on the list but it does have top-notch cooling technology. 

One of our favorite parts about this gas camping fridge is that it runs noiseless thanks to its 0 dB advanced absorption cooling system. It also comes with rust-proof removable shelves for organization. 


  • Runs on multiple power sources like propane, 12V, or 110V power sources
  • Noiseless operation
  • Rust-proof removable shelves for organization


  • Exterior prone to scratches and dings

6. ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator

ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Portable Refrigerator

If you like the dual-compartment style of the Dometic CFX28 but require more room, the ICECO VL60 is for you. 

This model has a 63-quart storage capacity, making it perfect for holding all of the fixings for family camping or tent camping with 4 or more people. The reliable SECOP (Danfoss) Compressor gives you a temperature range between 0℉ and 50℉. 

One of the best parts about this camping fridge is its sturdy construction. The platinum paint shell, heavy-duty corner caps, and steel handles can withstand anything they come across, especially if used in rough terrain.

 So, even though the ICECO VL60 is one of our more expensive recommendations, you’ll be getting a long-lasting, durable fridge that can handle most ambient temperatures.  


  • Dual compartments set to different temperatures
  • Large storage capacity (60 quarts)
  • Sturdy construction


  • Expensive

7. ARB 10802692 ZERO

ARB 10802692 ZERO

The ARB 10802692 ZERO Portable Fridge Freezer is pricey, but it certainly justifies the price tag. 

For one, it’s enormous. Its whopping 73-quart storage capacity gives you plenty of room for all your favorite drinks and beverages. You can make even more room in the split freezer/refrigerator compartments by removing the internal baskets. 

Perhaps the most unique feature? You can hook it up to your phone via Bluetooth. This advanced capability is glamping at its finest with this portable fridge freezer. 


  • Split freezer/refrigerator compartments
  • Removable internal baskets
  • Bluetooth temperature control


  • Pricier than other models

8. Whynter FM-65G 65 Quart Portable Refrigerator

Whynter FM-65G

The Whynter FM-65G is a mid-priced option perfect for camping, BBQs, and everything in between. 

Thanks to an included 8-foot AC power cord and 10-foot DC power cord, it won't tether you to the power source. When you use AC and DC power simultaneously, it’ll primarily run on AC power. It comes with stainless steel hinges and efficiently stores the cool air inside.

Spending time outdoors isn’t always glamorous, but this 12 volt camping fridge has your back. It comes with a convenient drain plug for easy cleanups. You can open up the drain plug and let all the liquid flow out with no hassle.


  • Comes with “Fast Freeze” mode
  • Tough outer casing
  • Large 63-quart capacity


  • High price for an average model

9. F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator Freezer


If you plan on doing some real overnight camping in tents (we’re looking at you, glampers), you’ll want a camping fridge that keeps your food safe from nosy, hungry creatures. Luckily, the F40C4TMP comes with a durable magnetic door, a capacity of 53 quarts and three layers of battery protection that doesn't affect your RV or car.  

It’s easy for you to shut and close, but a bear or deer will have a more challenging time opening it. And, the door won’t fly open if the fridge tips over, meaning you can protect your food supply.

It’s important to note that the F40C4TMP does operate using noise (around 45 dB). However, this noise level is equivalent to bird calls, so most people won’t have an issue with its slight noise production. The model itself is extremely energy efficient, perfect for environmentally conscious campers. 


  • Magnetic door
  • Aluminum alloy chamber for temperature controls
  • Low energy consumption


  • Some noise production

10. COSTWAY Car Refrigerator

COSTWAY Car Refrigerator

If you’re going camping with a group that needs a lot of beverages, the COSTWAY Car Refrigerator is an excellent option as it can hold up to nearly sixty beverages! 

While you probably won’t need this many drinks, there is plenty of space for your cheese, meats, grapes, and other treats. One of our favorite things about this fridge is its easy-to-read LED display. You can ensure the temperature is optimal even in low-light settings. 

As far as transport goes, this camping fridge rests in the camper perfectly with its bottom-heavy design. It adds to its portability with its handle and wheels. However, if you plan to go hiking with your children on long trails, it's probably not the ideal choice.

With no wheels, your best bet will be to bear hug it and walk with it wherever you need to go if you’re taking it out of the RV.


  • 54-quart capacity
  • Intelligent battery protection
  • Easy-to-read LED display


  • Not ideal for bringing along while hiking

Apart from camping grill stoves, a camping fridge is another must-have gadget when it comes to camp cooking. As you can see from the reviews above, camping fridges come with tons of different features. Some have dual compartments, while others are compatible with multiple power sources. Some can even connect to your phone! 

The best choice for you boils down to personal preference. You must decide which size and features are ideal for your trip. And, of course, you need to pick a model that’s within your budget.