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Best Acrylic Paint For Beginners, Students & Professionals 2022

If you're new to acrylic painting, choosing artist-quality and rich pigmented acrylic paint is crucial for creating consistent shades, detailing, and texture. Acrylic paint sets are an affordable option to try different colors over buying individual colors separately. Whether you're a student looking for student grade paints, or a complete beginner, you'll want quality acrylic paint for your creations.

There are many different acrylic paint brands out. While some are aimed at student and beginners, others are more suitable for professionals. We created this list to find the best acrylic paint brands and products for everyone. Here are some of the best acrylic paint sets to bring your artistic ideas to life on a variety of different surfaces.

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Top 8 Acrylic Paint Brands 2022

Arteza Acrylic Paint Set

Arteza Acrylic Paint Set

The ARTEZA Acrylic paint set is an excellent choice for beginners as well as professional artists. This brand’s product includes 60 unique and vibrant colors, including five metallic shades to create various color schemes. Each acrylic paint color comes in convenient tube packaging. The tubes have a label with a number, color name, pigment, and ratings. Secure screw cap and easy-to-squeeze design ensure no wastage of color. They are easy to access, organize, and store, thanks to the sturdy box. This ACMI-certified premium set of colors has a creamy, smooth consistency that adds texture, gradient, layering, and blending with various tools.

With high viscosity and rich pigments of colors, you can also mix certain colors to create a unique desired shade. Best for canvas painting and great for a wide range of surfaces, like clay sculptures, these fade-resistant and non-toxic options are also resistant to cracking and chipping. Plus, the glossy lightfast finish stays shiny and bright even after a few years.

Note: If you want to improve your acrylic painting artistic skills, consider attending a summer art camp or program.

ARTEZA Outdoor Acrylic Paint

ARTEZA Outdoor Acrylic Paint

This self-sealing and scuff-resistant paints by acrylic paint brand Arteza are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It works on a variety of surfaces like rocks, woods, walls, leather, fabrics, paper, canvas, and much more. The set contains 20 vibrant color shades for all-level artists, including two metallics; gold and silver. Each color comes packaged in a 2 oz bottle containers. 

No matter what the surface is, the high viscosity acrylic paints spread smoothly. Not only do you have a quick drying time, but the colors are also permanent, so your design and color last so much longer. These smooth and rich-pigmented vibrant colors are ACMI-certified.

Just remember that acrylic paint is no waterproof out of the box. You still need to apply a sealer to make it water resistant.

Graham & Co. 5 Color Acrylic Set

Graham & Co. 5 Color Acrylic Set

The premium-quality acrylic set by M. Graham & Co. has five colors with an additional 6th bonus color. Made in the USA, these acrylic paints are highly-pigmented and viscous for smooth application with a wide range of blending tools. The paints come with no contaminants or bulking agents, plus they’re also free from toxins. They use the finest-quality pigments combined with authentic acrylic emulsion making it a professional acrylic paint. 

Each color comes in a small tube with name and series labeled on it. The M. Graham acrylic paint set includes Naphthol Red, Phthalo Green, Mars Black, Ultramarine Blue, Azo Yellow, and the complimentary Titanium white. This lets you create a masterpiece with vivid bright colors.

Chroma Atelier Interactive Acryl

Chroma Atelier Interactive Acryl

Atelier Interactive is another excellent choice for beginner painters. Unlike other acrylic paints on the market, this Chroma Atelier Interactive offers full creative freedom and versatility to new painters. 

This means newbie artists get enough time to blend paint and aesthetically develop their acrylic painting.The seven rich-color sets contain the basic colors you want out of a paint set with a good fluid consistency and color saturation.

Each paint color comes in 2.7 oz. tube size. The acrylic paints are buttery, creamy, and smooth with a velvety satin finish for lightfastness pigment loading. What makes them unique is that the artist can control their slow drying time and drying speed. Not only can you extend the drying time, but you can also reactivate these dry colors. The set has some of the top quality paints out there.

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set

Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Set

The Mont Marte paint set is a unique introductory set. It includes 24 signature acrylic colors. Suitable for almost all painting surfaces, the Mont Marte colors have a creamy texture and dries quickly to give a semi-matte finish. The rich colors use high-quality pigments with a high pigment concentration. Creamy highly-viscous consistency and rich color pigments allow good coverage and fine detailing even on larger areas. 

You can use them on surfaces like wood, ceramic, paper, MDF, leather, fabric, canvas, and cardboard. It offers a glossy exterior finish. Each color is packed in a convenient squeeze tube. Plus, the student grade paint set also includes a shade card.

The brilliance and clarity of colors allow for perfect mixing. You can mix different colors to get a more extensive color palette with different tones and shades. It's an excellent choice for beginner students and professional artists to create their art projects!

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Introductory Set

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Introductory Set

The heavy body introductory Acrylic paint set by Golden contains six professional-quality colors for those new to the acrylic painting world. The student quality paints contain no addition of bulking agents, dyes, fillers, toners, extenders, or pacifiers, yet their range of colors has rich pigment. Known for their buttery, creamy consistency, the heavy body acrylic paint is thick and smooth to paint with.

They offer excellent lightfastness and great permanency. Made in the USA, the six strong colors come in small tubes to easily squeeze out the paint. You also get an additional tint chart and plastic case that's reusable. The set contains the following colors — Mars Black, Light Hansa, Naphthol red light, permanent green light, ultramarine blue, and Titanium White.

Artists can experience a variety of acrylic color options made from 100% acrylic emulsion. This Heavy Body Acrylics professional artist grade paints set provides a starting palette for developing the skill of mixing paint.

GOTIDEAL Acrylic Paint Set

GOTIDEAL Acrylic Paint Set

The GOTIDEAL acrylic set provides 24 unique highly-pigmented and non-fading colors for all your artistic creations. These rich, vibrant, and eye-catching professional acrylic paint offers an artist a tremendous amount of opportunity and creativity in all of their artwork.

The artist grade paint colors are formulated without any addition of dyes, fillers, or toners. Best of all, they are EN71-3 (CE), AP, and ASTM D-4236 certified. This means they are non-toxic and safe to use by kids, teens, and adults.

The acrylic painting set works for every surface, such as glass, wood, ceramic, plastic, foam, ceramic, paper, canvas, wall, fabric, and many more. Unlike other acrylic sets that offer primary colors only, this contains more vivid colors with a short drying time.

The cream buttery consistency allows for easy blending, layering, and mixing. Plus, the set provides an amount of paint at a pocket-friendly price for beginner painters. They come in a tube, each with a name, color number, lightfastness, opacity, and pigment code labeled.

Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors by Crafts 4 ALL

Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors by Crafts 4 ALL

Developed to be used by all artists regardless of their skill level, this student quality paint set by Crafts 4 ALL can be an excellent choice for beginner students and artists. They formulate the paints using premium studio-quality German pigments and ingredients to produce vivid, rich, and long-lasting colors.

The acrylic paints come in small tubes for you to have a full-color palette. Excellent color clarity and brilliance with cream-like consistency makes blending and mixing super-easy and smooth. You can mix and blend different pigments to expand the color palette by adding different hues, tones, and shades for your artwork.  

Artists can use these non-toxic paints safely anywhere they want. These water-based colors have a fast-drying time and are easy to clean — ideal for both beginners and seasoned artists. The vibrant colors work on every painting surface, including canvas, paper, fabric, glass, foam, ceramic, and plaster.

Crafts 4 ALL offers premium acrylic paints at an outstanding value. The kit has all the necessary art material to start your artwork, thanks to the three paintbrushes included as a bonus.

Acrylic Paint Set Buying Guide

For anyone new to acrylic that wants to add it to their list of art supplies, consider the following things before you buy a set.

best acrylic paint

No Additives - Most of the student-grade acrylic paints have binders and fillers added to them to make them more cost-effective. However, this means they contain less concentration of pigment that results in less dull coverage. You need multiple layers to form an opaque layer.

Acrylic paints with filler, dyes, or binders also give less impact when mixing and blending. So, look for professional-grade paints with a higher pigment load. The top acrylic paint is formulated from a single pure pigment instead of mixing 2-3 pigments.

Consistency - If you want something similar to oil paints, but with higher permanence ratings, acrylic paints with thick buttery consistency are for you. For those who want to create that Impasto thick texture painting or work with a palette knife, artist grade paints will have high viscosity consistency. Don't forget you can also use acrylic paint to paint polymer clay.

Soft body acrylics are suitable in large flat areas without a lot of brushstrokes. You also get a smooth, leveled, and even application with a fluid-like consistency. However, its not the right acrylic paint for adding textures.

That's where heavy body thicker-consistency paint jumps in! It efficiently retains peaks, texture, layering, and volume.

Opacity And Finish  - The coverage of acrylic paints depends on the ambiguity. Every pigment has different characteristics, and each color formulates a little differently.

Pigments that can tolerate higher pigment load tend to dry with a more matte finish are usually opaque. Reactive pigments that don't tolerate very high pigment load dry up with a glossy finish and are a bit more transparent.

Opaque acrylic colors offer full coverage, while the translucent and transparent colors provide less range.

Lightfastness -This refers to how resistant a color is when it exposes to light. Some paints have specific properties that make them more UV-resistant or flexible. Excellent to good lightfastness is necessary if using acrylic paint outdoors for long-lasting paintings.

Look for paints with more durable results in the long-run. Acrylic paints that retain great flexibility when dried resist cracking when moving your acrylic paintings. Take a good look at what your experience level is and what you aim to paint.