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Best 4 Person Tents For Camping 2022

No matter what kind of outdoor trip you're planning, a tent is the most crucial piece of gear you'll need. The perfect outdoor adventure can't be truly enjoyed without a cozy tent to rest in. If you're planning a family camping trip or backpacking with friends, you might want to share a large tent where you can all be comfortable together. 

The reason why 4 person tents are so popular is because camping with groups of people is more enjoyable than on your own. Even though they're larger in size, the weight often remains the same, which keeps them light enough to carry around.

Here are our top picks on the best four person tents for camping and other outdoor adventures.

Top 4 Person Tents

1. Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

To start off the list on the affordable side, the Coleman Sundome is one of the most popular tents on the market, and it’s easy to see why when you consider its quality and features given the price.

Measuring 9 x 7 feet, the tent floor offers lots of room for numerous people. While the 4 feet 11 inches peak height is relatively short and doesn’t accommodate standing, it’s still pretty easy to get in and out of the unit.

The Sundome has excellent weather protection since its equipped with Coleman’s Weathertec technology, including reinforced seams, a waterproof floor, and a wind-resistant frame. You can rest assured that this dome shape tent will keep you safe and dry in bad weather.

What’s more, the Sundome supports efficient airflow thanks to the oversized windows and ground vent. Taking a maximum of 10 minutes to set up, this waterproof tent also houses an E-port to grant you access to electrical power while inside.


  • Shape — round
  • Dimensions — floor: 9 x 7 feet, center height: 4 feet 11 inches
  • Material — polyester taffeta flysheet, polyethylene, and fiberglass
  • Weight — 7.5 pounds
  • Seasons — 3-season


  • Lightweight so ideal for backpackers
  • Waterproof construction
  • Very breathable, so perfect for summer camping


  • Not as large as other four person tents

2. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

The Coleman Instant Cabin Tent is an excellent option for small families or a camping trip with a small group of friends.

Thanks to the smart pitching mechanism, it’s built with instant setup technology that takes under a minute to complete. This tent also comes with pre-attached poles, which makes it easier for you to expand or fold the unit.

Space-wise, this Coleman cabin tent has floor dimensions of 8 x 7 feet, so it has enough living space to accommodate up to 4 people. It can even fit a queen-size mattress without issues.

The design features inverted seams and welded tub-like floors to ensure the interior stays dry on rainy days. Additionally, the structure offers great ventilation, providing adequate airflow to keep it cool and fresh inside.

This four person tent is constructed to last with non-bending metal poles. It also houses inner storage pockets to help you stay organized and arrives with a carry bag to facilitate packing and transporting.


  • Shape — cabin
  • Dimensions — floor: 8 x 7 feet, center height: 4 feet 11 inches
  • Material — polyester, polyethylene, fabric, and alloy steel
  • Weight — 16.75 pounds
  • Seasons — 3-season


  • Roomy interior
  • Hassle-free and quick setup
  • Designed to prevent the interior from getting wet


  • Rainfly is sold separately

3. KAZOO 4 Person Camping Tent

KAZOO 4 Person Camping Tent

Offering lots of value for the money, the KAZOO provides plenty of living space to accommodate four people with floor dimensions of 95 x 86 inches and a peak height of 57 inches. You can comfortably fit four adult sleeping bags or two air mattresses.

This tent also provides extra storage room thanks to added vestibule space. Not to mention, the setup process is fool-proof and takes about 3 minutes to get it done.

The KAZOO 4 person camping tent weighs just under 11 pounds, which means it’s easy to carry and transport. Additionally, it sports an extremely durable construction with rugged fiberglass poles to effectively support the solid frame.

To deem it 3-season suitable, this versatile tent is made out of high-quality fabrics such as ripstop polyester. The polyester is breathable and coupled with mesh on the inner side of the structure to keep you cool, perfect for camping in warm weather.

The included rain-fly and tub-like design of the floor deliver extra protection against water, whereas the mesh ceiling, two doors, and two windows maximize airflow for ample ventilation. What’s more, the KAZOO 4 Person Tent comes with 16 stakes, 8 guylines, a carry bag, and a 2-year warranty.


  • Shape — round
  • Dimensions — floor: 95 x 86 inches, center height: 57 inches
  • Material — ripstop polyester, breathable polyester, and fiberglass
  • Weight — 10.71 pounds
  • Seasons — 3-season


  • Extra vestibule for storage
  • Great value for money
  • Design provides excellent ventilation


  • The ground stakes can be sturdier

4. Eureka! Jade Canyon X4

Eureka! Jade Canyon X4

The Eureka! Jade Canyon X4 is a fantastic tent for accommodating four campers and their gear without being crammed up.

This cabin style tent has floor dimensions of 8 x 8 feet and a peak height of 7 feet, allowing you to comfortably stand and walk around the tent. This tent is equipped with sturdy pole sleeves, durable steel/fiberglass frame, stakes, quick clips, and corner hubs, making the setup process a 1-person job.

Additionally, the Canyon X4 features a tub floor with a side wrap to prevent the interior from getting wet, an extended porch awning for extra weather resistance, waterproof curtains on the doors, as well as oversized mesh windows for optimal ventilation.

This Eureka! Tent X4 also comes with a power port for easy charging inside and a storage hammock to keep your gear safe and organized. Although it's one of the more expensive tents on this list, it provides amazing wind protection and is easily one of the best family camping tents. 


  • Shape — cabin
  • Dimensions — floor: 8 x 8 feet, center height: 7 feet
  • Material — polyester, steel, and fiberglass
  • Weight — 20 pounds
  • Seasons — 3-season


  • Very spacious design
  • Quite durable in the long run
  • Easy to take down


  • Floor material isn't too thick

5. CAMPPAL Professional MT066 Dome Tent

CAMPPAL Professional MT066 Dome Tent

If you’re in the market for a 4 person tent to use in any season, then you should consider the CAMPAL Professional MT066.

With a competitive price, the tent floor dimensions are 8 x 7 feet, a peak height of 51 inches, and a porch area at the front that you can use as extra sleeping space or storage space.

To maximize its lifespan, this tent is equipped with a water-resistant rainfly, aluminum poles, Oxford flooring with a fire-resistant and freeze-resistant inner cover. The included steel stakes and string ropes boost the tent’s stability to endure strong winds. It's great for winter camping or backpacking in warm weather.

Additionally, the CAMPAL Professional MT066 four person tent features taped seams to improve its waterproof performance. As for ventilation, there are two windows on the sides to provide enough airflow.

Thanks to the tent’s freestanding design, you can easily move it to a different location without having to take it apart. You can also use the gear loft to hang a flashlight for illumination and the tent at night. 


  • Shape — dome
  • Dimensions — floor: 8 x 7 feet, center height: 4 feet 3.6 inches
  • Material — PU-coated polyester and aluminum
  • Weight — 7.1 pounds
  • Seasons — 4-season


  • Has an extra porch area
  • Sturdy build
  • The freestanding design makes for convenient transport


  • The assembly is a bit tricky

6. Coleman Evanston Screened Dome Camping Tent

Coleman Evanston Screened Dome Camping Tent

The Coleman Evanston makes for a great family tent that you can use throughout the year. It has a 10 x 9 feet spacious interior, which means it’s large enough to fit a couple of queen-size air mattresses.

The peak height is 5 foot 8 inches, so you can stand and move around comfortably. Additionally, this tent features a 10 x 5 feet screen room for extra sleeping space or storage space. If you want a goodnight's sleep, look no further.

The setup is fairly simple and should take between 10 to 15 minutes. We also like how there’s no need for a rainfly thanks to the top-notch waterproofing technology, such as fully taped corners, inverted seams, and tub-like floor.

Still, you’ll receive a waterproof rainfly for maximum protection on those rainy nights. The Coleman Evanston has a tough polyester shell, guy-out triangles, and sturdy tent poles to offer reliable resistance against strong winds.

Since it is quite big, it wouldn't exactly function properly as a backpacking tent and is better off considered an excellent car camping tent.


  • Shape — dome
  • Dimensions — floor: 10 x 9 feet, center height: 5 feet 8 inches, screen room: 10 x 5 feet
  • Material — polyester taffeta and fiberglass
  • Weight — 20.9 pounds
  • Seasons — 4-season


  • Reliable waterproof performance
  • Has an extra screen room
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Doesn't have the best air circulation

7. MOON LENCE Camping Tent

MOON LENCE Camping Tent

If you’re looking for a lightweight 4 person tent, then this one from MOON LENCE could be exactly what you need. It weighs only 7.5 pounds, so you can easily carry it and pack it away in the included carry bag. 

The assembly is straightforward and can be done in under 10 minutes, with all the necessary items provided, such as the tent poles, clip attachments, and shock cord. Available at a very affordable cost, this tent arrives with fiberglass poles, nine iron stakes, and guy ropes to withstand windy weather.

The MOON LENCE 4 Person Camping Tent also features breathable mesh, two windows, a ground vent, and dual-zippered doors for an efficient ventilation system. The 100% polyester construction is UV- and water-resistant.

What’s more, the package includes a removable rainfly to keep you dry when it’s pouring, a built-in top hook where you can hang a light, as well, as mesh pockets to keep your essentials organized.


  • Shape — round
  • Dimensions — floor: 83.8 x 83.8 inches, center height: 53 inches
  • Material — polyester, polyurethane, iron, and fiberglass
  • Weight — 7.5 pounds
  • Seasons — 3-season


  • One of the cheapest tents out there that's still durable
  • Provides a straightforward assembly
  • Easy to carry around for backpacking


  • Can get pretty crammed

8. Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

Next from Toogh, we have the updated version of the company’s high-rated 4 Person Camping Tent. It comes with an amazingly quick setup that takes only 30 seconds to complete and about the same time to collapse.

The spacious interior is decently sized with dimensions 90 x 83 inches and a peak height of 59 inches. It’s not the most spacious option out there, but it can get the job done.

This tent comes with a polyester rainfly and floor, with a newly added rip-stop material to reinforce the exterior shell for maximum protection against harsh weather. There are also 2 oversized mesh doors to provide hassle-free entry and exit, as well as a boost of ventilation.

Additionally, 2 mesh windows to support efficient airflow and keep pesky insects outside.


  • Shape — 6 angles
  • Dimensions — floor: 90 x 83 inches, center height: 59 inches
  • Material — Oxford cloth and fiberglass
  • Weight — 13 pounds
  • Seasons — 4-season


  • Ultra-fast setup and takedown
  • Can stand up against strong winds
  • Very comfortable to relax in


  • The assembly instructions aren't the most clear

9. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent

The Lynx 4 Person Tent from ALPS Mountaineering comes with two aluminum poles and a freestanding setup. The installation is made easier thanks to the quick-snap clips that securely attach to the lightweight poles.

The floor has dimensions of 8’ 6” x 7’6”, whereas the peak height is 52 inches, making this tent ideal for a group of four. To give you enough room for all your camping gear, the Lynx is equipped with a couple of 35-inch deep vestibules.

The ALPS backpacking tent is constructed with a UV- and water-resistance polyester for maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. It has sealed seams to keep you dry, heavy-duty zippers for security, half mesh walls for optimal airflow, as well as an overhead gear hook where you can hang a lantern.

Although it's not exactly a trekking pole tent, it's perfect for extended backpacking trips. Otherwise, if you want to use it as a car camping tent, it barely takes up any space in the car.


  • Shape — round
  • Dimensions — floor: 8 feet 6 inches x 7 feet 6 inches, center height: 52 inches
  • Material — polyester and aluminum
  • Weight — 8.6 pounds
  • Seasons — 3-season


  • Heavy-duty zippers for durability
  • UV-resistant shell for sun protection
  • 2 vestibules for extra room


  • The added vestibules are only useful in dry weather

10. UNP Tent

UNP Tents

Last but not least, we have the UNP Tent. With floor dimensions of 10 x 9 feet and a peak height of 78 inches, it’s clear that this unit can comfortably fit more than four people and their gear.

Made of polyurethane-coated polyester, it’s waterproof and windproof perfect for stormy weather. The six-person tent is equipped with two roof vents, a ground vent, mesh storage pockets, an E-port, and a gear loft.

Assembly is pretty easy, taking only a few minutes if someone lends you a hand. We aren’t particularly fans of how the rain fly fits as it’s pretty tight and can be challenging to attach on your own.


  • Shape — rectangular
  • Dimensions — floor: 10 x 9 feet, center height: 78 inches
  • Material — polyester, polyurethane, steel, and fiberglass
  • Weight — 18.6 pounds
  • Seasons — 4-season


  • Generous headspace
  • Comes with many handy accessories
  • Waterproof material offers weather protection in any season


  • The rainfly can be tricky to put on

4-Person Tent Buying Guide

Here are some of the most essential features to consider when shopping for four person tents:

4 person tent for camping


Depending on the number of people who will accompany you on the camping trip, as well as the amount of gear you’ll be packing, you can determine how much space your tent should offer.

To figure out the area of a tent, check its dimensions, length, width, and peak height to make sure it can match your capacity requirements. Don't forget to bring a sleeping pad or air mattress that can fit as well. Although, not every camping bed fit's inside a tent either.

While a tent might say it’s built for four people, you should also consider the storage space for the gear you’re all carrying.


The weight of your tent is directly related to its size, which means you need to keep an eye out for balance between portability and space.

A lightweight tent is easy to carry and transport with minimal effort, so you need that if you’re planning on backpacking. Of course, if you're car camping, the tent's weight shouldn’t be a concern.

While you certainly want a comfortable tent that can fit everyone, you should watch the weight since the larger it is, the higher it most likely weighs. Fortunately, most four person tents are quite lightweight.


Tents used to have very complicated setups. In today’s world, that’s no longer the case for most tents. When looking to buy, check how quickly and easily the setup process is. Many tents offer pop-up or instant setup, which means it takes a very few minutes to complete.


Like the previous point, you also need to check how easily you can take down the tent. Trying to fold a tent into its package size can be pretty frustrating if it’s not designed to help you get the job done. While this might be easy for certain types like backpacking tents, it might not be the case for larger car camping tents.

Some tents come in very small carrying bags, which also aren’t always the most efficient trying to fit it into. While it might not be challenging to take it out, it’s a different story when you’re trying to put it back into its own bag or your backpack. 

Tent Material

A tent’s construction materials directly relate to how durable it is and how long it’s expected to last against various weather conditions. The most common material used in making camping tent shells is polyester, whereas steel and fiberglass are mainly used for frames and tent poles. A tent that uses low-quality or cheap materials might have a lower cost, but in the long run, it will be more expensive if it becomes unusable quickly.